Arcadecraft 62% Off On Steam Summer Sale!

That’s right! Arcadecraft is on the Steam Summer Sale for 62% off its regular price. That means that it is only $4.93 USD a copy!

Now is an awesome time to get the PC version of Arcadecraft at an incredibly low price!

Click here to find Arcadecraft on Steam!


Greenlit and On Sale!

We are very pleased to announce that Arcadecraft has been Greenlit! This means that as soon as we are able to work through the technical details we can add Arcadecraft to Steam!

In the mean time, Arcadecraft is currently $9.99 at the Humble Store!

We can also say that if you buy Arcadecraft through Humble you will receive Steam Keys for it as soon as they become available.

In case you may have missed it, we also recently updated the build with another new character, bringing the number of completed characters to 12 with 5 still left to be skinned.

We want to say thank you to all who have supported Firebase and Arcadecraft so far!

Moving Forward

We are moving forward with Content Update 2!

This content update should bring the new, larger arcade into the game! With a bigger space to play in we plan to allow the player to have another 10 machines in their arcade which means that we will be offering another power upgrade to purchase. It also means adding color and material customization options for the new space.

We are also looking at feedback from the community, and as a result we are looking at getting the storage room functioning differently, so machines in storage do not take up space in your arcade. It also seems many players are finding the game too easy so we are going to look at the balance in the popularity of given machine genres.

In addition we are possibly adding a new machine type and another year to the simulation, which means another 12 machines including an import machine as well.

The original Roadmap has about 2 months worth of work in it and we don’t think you want to wait that long for new content. Instead we will be doing about 1/2 of it and trying to get content to you sooner. We will update the Roadmap page in the next few days as we get more clarity on our completion dates.

We are also happy to announce that Xbox Live Indie Game, Bad Caterpillar is in the current version of Arcadecraft. If you have bought Bad Caterpillar already it should give you access to a code for use in Arcadecraft to unlock the cabinet! If you haven’t bought it, go check it out as it is a fun modern retro throwback to the era that Arcadecraft takes place in!

Just like Orbitron: Revolution, the Bad Caterpillar cabinet is able to be deployed anywhere in the timeline for a good income boost!

As a reminder, if you are intersted in Arcadecraft on PC the Greenlight Page needs a lot of love!

Thank you for supporting Arcadecraft and please continue spreading the good word about the game!



Content Update 1

Content Update 1 for Arcadecraft has gone live!

This update includes:

  • 6 new arcade cabinets
  • 1 new arcade cabinet manufacturer, “Load”
  • 2 new music tracks in the Jukebox.
  • Jukebox fixed so it properly cycles music.
  • 16  8-bit ambient jingles for the arcade machines
  • A new animation when you kick out the Angry Gamer
  • 1 New wall customization colour (purple)
  • 1 new pillar customization colour (purple)
  • Controls on the isometric angles changed/improved.
  • New props and artwork surrounding the Arcade.
  • Neon changed slightly to be more glassy and visable.
  • Hot Square now flashes and makes a sound as it is about to disappear.
  • Support for 5000 scores on the scoreboard.
  • Scoreboard now has your current date and current gross in addition to your best Gross.
  • Alex Hoarder Code 4 sales bug is fixed we think.
  • Alex Hoarder will now not try to buy the same game off you over and over.
  • French region Code 4 Stats bug fix.
  • A “Classic Medal” UI element in the top hud when you have a “Classic” machine selected
  • Alex Hoarder
  • Tweaked payouts depending on machine settings.
  • Start button cash drain exploit fixed.
  • Fade to white changed to black when viewing machine info.
  • 6 new “Milestones” (Faux Acheivements) to try to get.
  • Polar Diver fixed to look like a proper Camping Machine.
  • Various bug fixes and art improvements

We highly recommend you only get the update if you want to start a brand new playthrough of the game. Please contact us if you notice any strange behaviour in the game!


Boot Up Sequence

We thought that we should give people an update on how things are shaping up on Arcadecraft!

Arcadecraft was put into Peer Review about two weeks ago on the Microsoft App Hub. It was sitting at 91% through the process after about 5 days of being available for App Hub members to test out. During this time, one reviewer found a problem in how the game handles memory (it runs out). The issue discovered was quite rare, and only reveals itself after around 3 straight hours of play.

In a bit of a panic we went looking to see what was causing the problem with the game that we thought we had previously solved a few posts back about optimizing our artwork. Turns out that the way we went about handling our assets caused an incredible memory bloat. Once it was known we did an 18 hour or so mad rush of work where we were able to solve the memory problem completely! In fact it solved it so well that there is now room left over for a good 30 or so more machines in the game, that we can add if/when we do an update! The savings were also so great that the overall game smoothness has been improved and we were able to load certain higher res textures back into the game!

However, as it was unknown what would happen if the original build hit 100% in Peer Review and we had the updated fix available in the meantime we decided to pull the previous build from Peer Review. This caused a full week penalty from being able to submit the game to Peer Review again! We did this simply because this new build is the far better experience than the older one and we would much rather you play something that isn’t going to fail on you.

Well, the week long penalty is over and Arcadecraft has once again returned to Peer Review! If it is able to pass through the process by Monday or Tuesday you may be playing the Xbox 360 version of the game as early as the 31st of January! We certainly hope this is the case and if so you can expect a press release, new media, an updated FAQ, roadmap, price, and a game to play!

In other news, last weekend (Jan 19th) Firebase Industries attended the Vancouver Film School Game Design Expo. At the event we had a table set up with the latest build of Arcadecraft as well as Orbitron: Revolution! A great time was had and we talked to a good number of people about our games and recieved some fantastic feedback!


Updates, Improvements, and Changes

Here is a brand new screenshot that contains some new gameplay relevant changes!

First of all we have updated the HUD to give players some more information. The date format now includes the month written as opposed to a number. The arcade’s monthly expenses have now been added below your current cash total so you can budget appropriately.

In addition to this, there is a new machine type we are working on. These are the ones on the back wall which we call “Sweet” machines. They are purchased from an import machine salesman who visits your arcade from time to time. These machines are hard to come by and take up two spaces in your space due to the requirement of the chair infront of them.

We also been hard at work modifying the current arcade machines textures to fit in less memory. The Alien Landing machine has been built with this spec. It uses a few dozen less polygons and some smaller textures but the visual result is barely noticable. In fact the cabinet itself is more detailed than it was before due to more efficient UV unwrapping and mapping.

Finally there is another new game mechanic you can see in the shot. If you look behind the arcade owner you can see there is now a large orange power box on the wall. Much like in an RTS you have to make sure you can supply what you own. Upgrading your power box, at a significant cost, allows you to put more arcade machines on the floor.

Thanks for checking it out! We will be updating everyone on the state of the game and when you can expect to play it soon!



PC Media Storm

All new screenshots of the PC version running at 1080p. The PC version supports variable resolutions from 1280×720 and up to 1920×1200. Players can use either the keyboard controls or Xbox controller for PC. The UI and HUD have all been created for display in 1920×1080 so there shouldn’t be any ugly upscaling issues when running in full HD. On our hardware at Firebase we achieve 60fps and the game has been rewritten to accomodate this framerate which is up from the Xbox 360’s 30fps.

We really wanted to give PC gamers a excellent version of the game and not a straight conversion of the Xbox 360 version. I think we have achieved something that the PC audience will really enjoy!

We hope to talk about digital distribution partners very soon. Until then, if there is a service you want to see it on please contact them and ask for Orbitron: Revolution by name.

Here are the new screens from yesterday’s build of the game!

Check back again for more screens and art!