Ask My Avatar

Our cute little Xbox Indie game, Ask My Avatar, is now available! Walk the park and interact with the other avatars to answer the over 500 questions available. See how your answers stack up with other Xbox Live Gold Members! You can find it on the Xbox Marketplace for $1







Arcadecraft 62% Off On Steam Summer Sale!

That’s right! Arcadecraft is on the Steam Summer Sale for 62% off its regular price. That means that it is only $4.93 USD a copy!

Now is an awesome time to get the PC version of Arcadecraft at an incredibly low price!

Click here to find Arcadecraft on Steam!

Greenlit and On Sale!

We are very pleased to announce that Arcadecraft has been Greenlit! This means that as soon as we are able to work through the technical details we can add Arcadecraft to Steam!

In the mean time, Arcadecraft is currently $9.99 at the Humble Store!

We can also say that if you buy Arcadecraft through Humble you will receive Steam Keys for it as soon as they become available.

In case you may have missed it, we also recently updated the build with another new character, bringing the number of completed characters to 12 with 5 still left to be skinned.

We want to say thank you to all who have supported Firebase and Arcadecraft so far!

Arcadecraft Demo!

That’s right! We have just put up a FREE demo for Arcadecraft playable on Windows PCs.

This demo allows you to play through the first year of the game and experience a lot of the interaction and functionality of Arcadecraft for the PC. You will find almost an hour of gameplay, many of the game characters and events, and a taste of all of the cabinet types available in the game.

This demo is based around the most recent version of the Arcadecraft Beta for PC so there is still incomplete art and the possibility of bugs

Remember to:

Vote for Arcadecraft on Steam Greenlight.

Click below to get the demo and fingers crossed we don’t blow past our daily download limit for the file! If we do, you may have to try again later.


If you end up liking the game you can buy it at this link:


Thank you and we hope you have fun playing the game!

Indie Royale Chick

Xbox Live indie games critic Indie Gamer Chick, has worked with the people at Indie Royale to bring forward the Indie Game Chick Bundle!

This bundle contains PC versions of many of her top rated Xbox 360 games including, Chester, Little Racers Street, Dead Pixels, Antipole, LaserCat, Smooth Operators, Spy Leaks, our very own Orbitron: Revolution!

Check out the bundle at

Indie Royale

And the Indie Gamer Chick site at

Indie Gamer Chick

Insert 80msp to Continue

Arcadecraft has hit a grand total of 30,000 sales on Xbox Live! As a result of hitting such a big milestone we have put the game on sale for 80 Microsoft Points ($1). Please tell everyone you know!

Thank you to everyone who has bought and supported the game thus far! We really appreciate the feedback we have gotten and look forward to the next update. We will be posting new images late this week or early next week, showing you what you can expect!


Deployment Complete!

Orbitron: Revolution is now available for download on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace for 240MSP!

You can also find it on!

Here is a picture I got last night shortly after we pressed the “Publish Now” button!

Right beside another all new Indie Game, Volchaos!

We are incredibly excited to finally have the game released and we are watching the scoreboards to see who the best is!