Arcadecraft 62% Off On Steam Summer Sale!

That’s right! Arcadecraft is on the Steam Summer Sale for 62% off its regular price. That means that it is only $4.93 USD a copy!

Now is an awesome time to get the PC version of Arcadecraft at an incredibly low price!

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Arcadecraft Now Available on Steam!

Arcadecraft has been uploaded to Steam and is now available to purchase and play! It is also on sale at 25% off the new regular price of $12.99usd for a limited time.

Arcadecraft is also no longer in Early Access! All 17 character models have been completed and have been added into the game. To sweeten the deal we also put higher resolution textures on the arcade machine cabinets and on the customizable rear wall of the arcade. Perfect for players running it at 1080p.

Steam Keys will shortly be supplied to those who have already bought the game through either the Humble Widget or Humble Store.

Get your copy of Arcadecraft on Steam!


Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the game!

Greenlit and On Sale!

We are very pleased to announce that Arcadecraft has been Greenlit! This means that as soon as we are able to work through the technical details we can add Arcadecraft to Steam!

In the mean time, Arcadecraft is currently $9.99 at the Humble Store!

We can also say that if you buy Arcadecraft through Humble you will receive Steam Keys for it as soon as they become available.

In case you may have missed it, we also recently updated the build with another new character, bringing the number of completed characters to 12 with 5 still left to be skinned.

We want to say thank you to all who have supported Firebase and Arcadecraft so far!

New Arcadecraft Build Available!

The latest build of Arcadecraft for PC is available for download through Humble!

Here is the changelist for the new build!

  • – STARTUP CRASH FIX –  European language and number systems now supported.
  • – UPDATE – All the numbers that get displayed as text now conform to the user’s current language
  • – UPDATE -The Beta now has added an extra simulation year of gameplay. It now finishes at the end of 1985.
  • – UPDATE – Four new character models have been added. Steven Quarters, Rick Pennywise, Alex Hoarder, and Bobby Danger.
  • – UPDATE – Portraits for the new characters have been added.
  • – BUG FIX – Bobby Danger was able to occupy 2 machines at the same time
  • – UPDATE – Enhanced the mouse cursor visibility with the menus – if the user is navigating menus with the keyboard, we don’t show the cursor.  this fixes issues where the mouse would select menu items even though we were using the keyboard.
  • – FIX – Upgraded sunburn in order to apply a change to help fix machines appearing and disappearing issue
  • – FIX – the player wasn’t always able to pick up the angry gamer avatar if there was another avatar near him.
  • – UPDATE – for the machine’s info screen, we’ve replaced the machine’s popularity info with its genre since that info was missing. the machine’s popularity is at the top of the screen anyway so need to show it again.

Thank you for your support so far and for reporting issues you have been having with the game! If you find a problem with the game and want to report it you may email us at

Don’t forger to vote for Arcadecraft on Steam Greenlight!

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Check back for more information and Beta improvements!



Beta News

Hello all!

We just wanted to update everyone on where we are at right now on the Arcadecraft PC Beta front. We have a new build that we are testing that includes a number of new changes, fixes, and improvements. When we release it for upload to Humble we will put out the changelog that lists everything we have done.

The major fix is that European number standards are now supported so the game won’t crash on launch for some users.

We are expecting to be done testing this build early tomorrow and hope that you will have access to it on Wednesday or Thursday. Thank you for your patience!

Help support development of Arcadecraft for PC by buying it through the link below!




Arcadecraft for PC

It has been one year since Arcadecraft was released on Xbox 360. Since release it has sold around 65,000 copies on Xbox Live Indie Games! We are very happy with the success the game has seen so far and want to thank all the fans who have enjoyed and supported the game over the last year.

Now we want to announce that the worst kept secret in indie gaming is true. Arcadecraft is coming to Windows 7 PC and coming soon! In fact it is almost done. All that we are really waiting for is the remainder of the character models to come in. The rest of the game is as playable as the Xbox 360 version.

PC Features:

  • Mouse Control Support
  • Keyboard Control Support
  • Xbox 360 Gamepad Support
  • 16:9 Resolutions from 1280×720 to 1920×1080
  • Higher resolution textures and UI art.
  • New Character Models with Redone Animations
  • Selectable Characters
  • All of the Xbox 360 content updates released so far are included
  • More than 100 arcade machines to place
  • Sim from 1980 to 1987

Why Was This an Uncertain Release for so Long?

The biggest issue was that the Avatars from the Xbox 360 version needed to come out and be replaced with all new characters. These characters needed a new rig and with a new rig comes redone animations. In addition to that we needed to support mouse control, and UI scaling for variable resolutions. That is a substantial amount of work, cost, and time. However, the sales of the Xbox 360 version hit a point where we thought that it was justified. Well, that and the emails we kept getting.

Didn’t you pull it from Greenlight?

Yes we did. We were too busy working on another game to go back and support a port. We are still just two people and doing one thing means we cannot do another. The Greenlight numbers we were seeing at the time were a little weak so we were not too confident it would have been worth the cost to port it. On top of this, Valve actually suggests that you can pull down a Greenlight page and create a new one when there is substantial change to your plans.

Is there a New Greenlight Page?


If it does get to Steam will you give buyers Steam Keys?

If there is a straightforward way of doing that, sure!

Why only 16:9 resolutions?

Mostly because of the UI art and font positioning was done to support that mode and that scaling. We had to write our own in house tool for this game to support various PC resolutions combined with mouse support. As the game is pretty heavy with UI elements we thought it was the best trade-off we could manage for the time being. The UI art was originally made for 1080p so it doesn’t blur or scale when displayed at 1920×1080. If there are enough requests we can look at supporting more options in the future.

Will you add content updates to Arcadecraft PC?

Like the Xbox version before it, it is completely dependent on how well this version does. We have the second arcade location that was meant to go into the Xbox 360 version but couldn’t make it in if for technical reasons. We would like to add that to the game provided the audience is there.

Is Arcadecraft Moddable?

We honestly don’t know. We didn’t write tools to support modding but many great mods have worked around a lack of tools. Modders can probably figure out what they can and cannot change.

Is Arcadecraft DRM Free?

Yes it is.

What is Left to Do?

Besides the characters getting completed there are some minor bugs, and the animations need to lined up to machines properly. Then we will redo the character dialogue portraits and complete the Character Select screen. Other than that a bit more testing for overall stability.

Where Can I Buy it When it is Done?

Right now you can pre-order it from the Humble Store from the graphic below! If there is immediate demand and if you don’t mind some grey placeholder / doppelganger characters and possible bugs or compatibility issues we can put out an early access Beta of the game in a short time. That way it is in your hands sooner. The complete game with all the characters represented may be as soon as three weeks from now barring any technical delay.

It is now available to buy through the Humble Widget below!





Hello everyone!

Sorry for the radio silence on here. We use Twitter for more day to day updates and conversations and normally update the main site when we have more blanket news.

The update for AC is still coming along. You can hold us, (really me) accountable that we will show off some of the new features of the game this Friday, the 31st of May. This will include screenshots of the new location, 8 new standup arcade machines for 1986, and at least one pinball machine all located in the new arcade environment. You will likely also see some other assets here and there that all new.

So check back Friday evening and see what we have!

The Last Week

Arcadecraft has been on sale for about 8 full days now and we are currently looking at a good 1775 scores up on the board. It has been a great start and we are really happy where the game is at the moment!

We have been cranking away on the mini update to the game that is intended to fix the Code 4 issue a number of people have reported. Yesterday we had a tester playing through the entire game which was hooked up to the debugger so we could track down any issue he would find. Unfortunately all that happened was he had a good 6-7 hour long game without problems.

Today however, Sam encountered a crash and thinks he may have found and fixed the root cause of the problem! Great news if he is proven to be correct.

In terms of where we are at the moment, here is a list of things we have fixed so far:

  • The Angry Gamer no longer spawns when the player is in the menus.
  • Alex Hoarder no longer always asks for your oldest machine.
  • Alex Hoarder selling Code 4 crash is fixed.
  • The new music track is in.
  • Multiple 8-bit music jingles have been added to the various game genres.
  • Memory savings and performance gains via texture atlasing.
  • Neon has seen a minor update.
  • 4 of the 6 new machines are complete.
  • Some textures are higher res.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Hopefully we can get this update into Peer Review mid next week so we can get you a better experience with more content sooner.

Other than that we wanted to share a couple new things!

Here is a render of what the new location may look like! Some of it is textured already but we wanted to show you it without the patchwork of materials.


It is a good chunk larger inside and currently has two pillars that you need to work around. We would like it so you can break one of the pillars down for a good deal of in game money.

We are also happy to announce that someone at Microsoft has been more than kind and decided to feature us on the Xbox dashboard! Special thanks to @masterblud for supplying the image!


Interesting tidbit. The scoreboard supports only 2000 scores and we may hit the limit this weekend. To get on the board after all 2000 places have been taken we assume players are going to have to start working a little harder! The new update will raise the scoreboard limit to a much higher number! 🙂

Arcadecraft Now Available on Xbox Live

Thats right! Arcadecraft has been released and is on Xbox Live Indie Games for download!


The full press release can be found here:

New screenshots can be found here:

We hope you enjoy it! We also really want to hear your questions, comments, or strange things you found in the game so go to the contact page and email us.

Secret Plans Uncovered

You have probably been wondering what has been going on with Arcadecraft. Well, here are some answers for you!

First of all, we ran into a really ugly memory problem. Basically as we have been adding certain features to complete and flesh out the game we also started running out of available memory.

Arcadecraft, by its design has to hold a lot of stuff in memory at a time. The city block, the building, the avatars, the user interface, and the arcade game cabinets. We don’t have a lot of flexibility with our memory for most elements of the game so we have to be very careful and optimize the material that is available.

To get available memory back we had to comb through the textures that the game uses and make specific choices about resolution size. We crunched many textures down that the player would never see the highest resolution version of anyway, which was an easy win. After that we set about taking our entire library of arcade games and reconfigure them so they take less space! Here are some examples of what we did…

What you will notice is that the main cabinet texture now contains the monitor frame as well as the coin slot, but more texture room for the company logo side art. The control panel texture was drastically modified so it takes up 1/2 the amount of space of the original. Really, the only serious resolution drop was in the marquee, which is unfortunate but you cannot tell in gameplay. The control panel itself is only 5% smaller and the monitor size is indentical.

Every machine had a dedicated 512×512 colour, and emissive texture. Now with change to 512×256 maps for every machine we get double the amount of machines in the same memory space as before.

The cabinets also got modified. The original models were a bit of polygonal overkill. A lot of the budget was spent on the coin slot area which is barely seen in game. Changing this to being more texture dependent saved polys and performance. The other change was that the rubber stripping along the edge of the machine had a centimeter of extra depth which is now gone. With these changes, and a once over of the textures, the machines actually look a bit better than they did in the past and render faster!

Those two big memory changes needed to be propogated over the 60 arcade games in Arcadecraft and unfortunately it took a very long time and a lot of manual labour to make it happen. Now with it near complete the user can currently have up to 30 unique machines in their space. Hopefully these changes have mitigated the memory problem once and for all.

To be clear, we still have higher resolution source for everything so a future PC release, if it ever becomes a reality, will see a visual upgrade even with these changes.

Onto new features!

Like we alluded to in a previous post we have added the Import Salesman, Kenji Hase! He is a Japanese businessman specializing in grey market arcade machine sales. Once a year he visits your arcade and offers the latest import for you to purchase! Just be sure you have the money on hand because if you don’t buy the machine then and there you can’t get it again!

Yes Halloween is long past now but we have added in a couple of Seasonal Decorations for your arcade!

Christmas is on its way so buy and place a tree! Both items become available for a month and a half before the holiday date and expire in 45 days after purchase. Both of them bump your arcade popularity up a 1/2 star while they are present and need to be repurchased every year to get that bonus. We may add a couple more for other holidays or special events!

Speaking of seasonal effects, we are considering altering the exterior of the arcade with snow, rain, leaves, etc. This screenshot shows a early attempt at showing snow changing the environment!

Other recent improvements and changes have been the addition of the power square. It is a tile that appears within your arcade and if you place a machine over that tile it increases the machines popularity substantially.

The economic system of the game is firmly in place and functioning very well. We have also added a big dollar sign icon that appears above machines that have paid themselves off.

The stats screen has been improved to show monthly and life to date expenses and revenue. It also says what machines you have bought or sold, repairs made, customizations purchased, etc.

The machine info screen now shows how much money you have spent on a machine’s repairs over time. The same panel for the Jukebox shows the current music track playing.

There are three more big changes to the game yet to come and all are pretty important to how the game plays as well as offering strategic choice. Two of these changes we will talk about in a future update, but one of which we are open to talking about is the “Classic” mechanic.

After a machine is no longer available to buy from the store, it will become a “Classic” These Classics do not make a lot of money, in fact they barely break even on their power costs. However, a healthy selection of Classics improves your overall arcade popularity. They don’t require constant attention and repairs like newer machines do, due to the lack of people playing them, so they can be tucked into their own section and almost be left alone.

You probably want to know what effects the memory issues and features have had on the overall scope of the game and release plans for the game. Well, unfortunately the game’s scope has had to be taken down a bit. The first version will not be 10 years long and 100 games in size as was the original plan. It will be brought down to 5-6 years. However, there will be at least one machine released per month during the game so around 77 machines (as 5 are available from the start). We found that when there wasn’t enough machines released in a year, buying them became too easy and the game less engaging. In a play through of the game now, it is often that you don’t have enough money to buy the latest and greatest in the first couple years. That added a level of strategy for how and when the player decided to pick and choose the games they do want.

We have also had to lengthen the time a single month takes from 2:00 to 2:30 minutes. When the game was past the two year mark and you have 30 machines to manage it was impossible to take care of all of them. With the extra 30 seconds the game is more managable but still manic. That means the shortest time the 5 years can take is 150 minutes. In our playthroughs we spend an extra 10 minutes per year in the menus so a single 5 year playthrough is around 200 minutes or 3.3 hours. It would still be likely that you wouldn’t see everything the game had to offer in that time.

Does this mean Arcadecraft will never see 1986 and beyond? We still plan on updating the game after release if there is a good player base and if the game is popular! We personally want to build into the 90s and give players a new environment to work in!

As far as actual release of the game, we are planning on having the game into Xbox Playtest and Peer Review come the middle of December. Seeing as though gamers are already saturated with big holiday titles we don’t think it wouldn help Firebase to have it compete for gamer time and money against huge 100 million dollar games. That time is better spent making the game as stable and feature rich as we can!

All being well, the game should be releasing after the first or second week of January 2013. We know it seems like a long time to wait but we are just as anxious to have this game in your hands!

Thank you for all your interest in Arcadecraft!