Content Update 1

Content Update 1 for Arcadecraft has gone live!

This update includes:

  • 6 new arcade cabinets
  • 1 new arcade cabinet manufacturer, “Load”
  • 2 new music tracks in the Jukebox.
  • Jukebox fixed so it properly cycles music.
  • 16  8-bit ambient jingles for the arcade machines
  • A new animation when you kick out the Angry Gamer
  • 1 New wall customization colour (purple)
  • 1 new pillar customization colour (purple)
  • Controls on the isometric angles changed/improved.
  • New props and artwork surrounding the Arcade.
  • Neon changed slightly to be more glassy and visable.
  • Hot Square now flashes and makes a sound as it is about to disappear.
  • Support for 5000 scores on the scoreboard.
  • Scoreboard now has your current date and current gross in addition to your best Gross.
  • Alex Hoarder Code 4 sales bug is fixed we think.
  • Alex Hoarder will now not try to buy the same game off you over and over.
  • French region Code 4 Stats bug fix.
  • A “Classic Medal” UI element in the top hud when you have a “Classic” machine selected
  • Alex Hoarder
  • Tweaked payouts depending on machine settings.
  • Start button cash drain exploit fixed.
  • Fade to white changed to black when viewing machine info.
  • 6 new “Milestones” (Faux Acheivements) to try to get.
  • Polar Diver fixed to look like a proper Camping Machine.
  • Various bug fixes and art improvements

We highly recommend you only get the update if you want to start a brand new playthrough of the game. Please contact us if you notice any strange behaviour in the game!