Star Bridge

The update to the iOS version of Star Bridge is Available NOW!


Footage from the latest update directly from a iPhone 6 using Everyplay!

iOS Update Screenshots:


Star Bridge is being developed for PC / Consoles!

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Forthcoming Current Gen Console and PC Prototype Screenshots:

New Console / PC footage!

Engage in Endless Intense Action!

Star Bridge is a fast arcade game where you navigate and blitz through a randomized, mechanized and weaponized enemy trench.

Swipe left and right to dodge towers and enemy fire but also swipe up and down to climb over and pass under the hazards within the level. Launch homing missiles at enemies by tapping them, or tap and hold to engage your boosters and thread the needle.

Collect credits to help load up on power-ups such as protective Shields, zone passing Hyperspace engines, or enemy vaporizing Smart Bombs!

Download Star Bridge for iOS

iOS Original Version Screenshots:

Star Bridge started life as a Xbox 360 and PC game prototype. Internally it was called “Focus” and it was build in XNA and used Synapse Gaming’s Sunburn Engine just like Orbitron: Revolution and Arcadecraft. This prototype was built in about 3 months and was pretty rough, with a lot of problems associated with collision.

Focus Screenshots:

Star Bridge is actually the third crack at the game. The second version was titled “Sun Force” and was hastily built in Unity 5. That game was to be a Metroidvania shmup. The vast majority of the art for the environment ended up in Star Bridge. While we could have finished Sun Force it was more appealing to complete a smaller game on iOS first and then consider moving forward with a larger project.