Orbitron: Revolution

 Now available on PC!


Orbitron: Revolution is a classic styled 2.5d scrolling shoot em up for the PC and Xbox 360.  The game has been developed on the Microsoft XNA 4.0 platform using Synapse Gaming’s Sunburn 2.0 rendering engine. Orbitron: Revolution was entered into Microsoft’s Dream Build Play 2011 competition where it took a spot with the top 20 semi finalists from more than 200 game entries!

Orbitron: Revolution now features 3 game modes!

First is Countdown, which is a wave based score attack mode that has the player racing against the clock to score as many points as they are able within a three minute time limit. Players build up points by shooting enemy droids as quickly as they can to increase their multiplier. Players need to use action strategy and choose when to release their power abilities as well as target certain enemies for maximum enemy destruction.

Second is Guardian.  Here, the player must protect the four Sector Ports around the Orbitron ring from laser drilling attack droids. Each Sector Port has a numeric health associated with it and when three of the four Sector Ports are destroyed the Orbitron Ring explodes.

The third and final game mode is Extra Mode. In this mode the player must survive as long as they are able with a single ship against an ever increasing spawn of enemy droids.

Additional game features include a full Instant Replay system for use in Countdown Mode. Players may fast forward, rewind, pause, and even select five different camera positions to view and track the action.

Ship Select where the player may choose between two visually different space craft.

Xbox Live Gold Members can add and compare their scores with others using the online high scoreboards.

Orbitron: Revolution features music by Audio Antics (Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved) and sound design by Studio X Labs (Homeworld).

We are excited to finally release Orbitron: Revolution onto Xbox Live Indie Games and on PC!