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  1. the concept but I see mistakes already. U can’t play all of the machines from what I read ?? U know we like to fiddle & play with the machines !!! Multi-player ??? If u change concept we would need live multi-player & challenges !!! If is to be a success u would need real play & mult-player. As in thrill ville u got to play all of the arcade games & ride & make u the rides. I hope u listen to me . Because we will buy only if we can play machines & really big buys if multi-player. U hope to god u listen to me & others. Good luck. Also do u know release dAte ??

    1. Do you want them to make 101 crap games, or one GOOD game. The idea behind this is the same as stuff like the “Story” games on iPhone/Android, and in this case it’s to manage your own Arcade and make profit. If they made all the games playable they would have to program a LOT of extra content in, and use a lot more of their budget towards things that are generally unnecessarily for their goal here with this game. Also, what would they gain from incorporating multiplayer in a simulator of arcade ownership? It would be like putting multiplayer in Roller-coaster Tycoon. I can understand the want for playing the arcade machines, but hat would draw away from the point of this game, to manage your own Arcade. Multiplayer would only draw away from that idea even further.

      1. I would say a mix of both. I like to play games, as much as I like to micro manage the arcade. Also I would not be oppossed to paying a couple of more dollars to have more games playable.

    2. Do you want them to make 101 crap games, or one GOOD game. The idea behind this is the same as stuff like the “Story” games on iPhone/Android, and in this case it’s to manage your own Arcade and make profit. If they made all the games playable they would have to program a LOT of extra content in, and use a lot more of their budget towards things that are generally unnecessarily for their goal here with this game. Also, what would they gain from incorporating multiplayer in a simulator of arcade ownership? It would be like putting multiplayer in Roller-coaster Tycoon. I can understand the want for playing the arcade machines, but hat would draw away from the point of this game, to manage your own Arcade. Multiplayer would only draw away from that idea even further.

    3. I bought it, I am an avid Indie game buyer on XBLA. The format is fun, I don’t think playing the games would help you make money since it is an entrepreneur type of sim money maker. I think it might be helpful if we knew which games were sequels, its somewhat obvious by names like Phantom and Lady Phantom but some of the titles are misleading.

      1. Nostalgia is always better than the real thing. To fully license those cabinets and make them playable would turn Arcade Craft into a horrible soup. Look at what a mess those other pay to play retro collections turn into.

    4. I don’t need to play the machines. The game is awesome just like it is. Some

      features I’d like to see are change machines, Storage room off power grid and a

      little larger, I could put a low popularity machine back there and bring it back out

      later. They have already stated they plan to put coin machines in, as well as some

      other spot-on stuff. They even stated game modes where you try to make it a few

      more years (like trying to push thru the 90s) I’d like to hire a security guard and

      maybe another coin guy. I’d like to see popularity more tuned with difficulty.

      I know a low difficulty will make the game popular for longer but I think it would be

      cool to see certain highly popular machines react positively to difficulty change.

      You start it out low to get people playing. Then if your good you can cycle through

      a group of machines, adjusting their difficulty like this Low-med-high-med-high-

      med-low-med-high. By this I’m saying your adjusting to play style. If a machine is

      really popular and you bump up the difficulty it makes it go crazy and if timed right

      you can then bump it to high and sort of make your own “hotspot”. Once a

      machine is cranking out on high it can sit for a little then needs to be brought back

      down to med to keep people playing. Just ideas, this game is great! Keep up the

      great work! 😀 I don’t need multiplayer but challenges sound cool maybe this

      could be “push through the 90s” challenge? IMO Roller Coaster Tycoon sucked

      when they decided to invest time into making the rides “ride-able”. That’s not what

      I had loved about the title. It was mainly sitting back and watching people sprawl

      all over, chillin’ takin’ care of little thing once you got your park established.

      1. I agree and I’ll second that idea about adjusting difficulty to playstyle! That’s great. I was confused when I found that bumping my difficulty ALWAYS lowers the popularity of the machine.

  2. After translating your post into English, Gail, let me point out a few things…

    This is a ‘business sim’ game, and not an X-Box shoot-em-up. Mulit-player makes little to no sense in that context. It’s also an expandable game, meaning new machines, minigames, scenarios, etc., are likely to come down the pike eventually.

  3. Hi firebase studios. I see u guys are getting ready for release. I didn’t see in ur post if u guys put in real arcade play? I don’t think u did or u would have said it? I have a business degree. Do u guys look at the indie channel best sellers? Avatar death match / avatar laser tag/ avatar farm etc. I bought avatar farm. Having fun with it. I have a 8 million $ farm so far. Remember i said in order to be a big success u needed to play the machines & live multi-player for our arcades. It is still not to late. U could say u are putting these things in soon. Well anyway i wish u guys good luck & have a big sucess &. Big buys from indie channel. I may buy it anyway?? I might get bored with just placing the machines around. I need more.

    1. For someone with a business degree your language skills are garbage. Stop bugging the poor folks and buy it or do not. There are plenty of us loyal Indie game buyers, who like it the way it is. Apparently you did not even bother reading the reply from Firebase, way to use that degree.

    2. Please spare us. I’m sure the choices they make will be the right ones. The game looks like a buttload of sold copies on the name alone. I rather enjoy the game and will be purchasing it when some of the updates come out.

  4. So, I happened upon this in the new releases section of indie games. Played the trial. Found it pretty darn interesting and well made. Bought it. (Which is a pretty big feat since I hardly ever buy marketplace games, let alone indie games)
    I became INSTANTLY addicted. The whole feel of being able to own and function your own arcade in the 80’s is so fun! From customizing your place, to deciding which machine to keep and to get rid of (Hoping that it doesn’t come out with a sequel or become vintage!), to throwing out angry gamers (Which pissed me off quite often when I coulden’t get to them in time to save my machine, and everything in between!
    I even talked my friend into getting it too, which also became pretty addicted. We’re competing to see who has a more successful arcade. Haha It does suck that we can’t visit or see each others arcade, though. Maybe that can somehow be a future feature? I was also depressed when I found out its going to end when I reach the nineties. Maybe you can have an endless mode? Or a “Zen” mode (when you make more vending and arcade machines) where you have a HUGE multiple story arcade that you can build upon and improve over time based on classic mode. Something you can show off to your friends and have them visit and look at. (Like mentioned above) This would of course be different than the larger arcade you’re currently planing to release on classic mode.
    I’m not saying on zen mode you necessarily PLAY the games. I agree with everyone with sticking to the tycoon roots. Maybe. At the MOST have the option to look over the gamer’s shoulder at the game to see a clip of what the game looks like. Or maybe have just one or two actual playable games. I’d rather have one good game than a hundred shitty ones, like what everyone’s saying.

    I don’t know. Those were just a couple suggestions from a fan’s point of view. I love the game as it is now though, of course! Its great to finally see something different, breaking away from all of the “oh-so-popular” fps’ thats been popping up the last few years. Keep up the good work. I’ll surly be playing.

  5. Hi firebase. I bought ur game. But u am having trouble runing a arcade & buying machines. Not enough money. But I ran a real arcade for 3 yrs 1986-89. Bally’s aladdin castle. ( the casino bally’s owned it) it was arcades all arcross the u.s.. This one was in Atlantic city néw jersey. I was mgr. During the day & some weekends. I also cleaned the pinball machines & tested all of the arcade games I pinballs 3 times a week. I also just saw ur interview on the web. I guess my age would be around the age of ur mother. Well the arcades down at the jersey shore now are dead in Atlantic city. The two they have now have slot machines in them with a couple of arcade machines. yes I said. Slot machines for children etc. These u just win tickets for i-pods/Xbox/ps3/w-u etc. Anyway. Can u please give me a code to get all if the machines or extra money please for I am having a very tough time playing. Played 2 hrs. Last night— bankrupt??? Why. I could only buy a couple of machines with the money u gave us. With repairs & money to run the arcade u could not buy more. Can u help me please. I hope u guys get many buys on indie channel & have a big success with the game. U wanted to support u guys because u worked very hard on the game. I know u couldn’t play the machines liked I asked u. But I thought I support u anyway. I am trying to get a Dave & buster’s down here. I don’t know if u ever heard of it in Canada. It is a new sort of arcade with food. ) $17 buys u a good dinner & $10 card to play games. I hope u guys could help me playing the game. Waiting for ur answer. Thanx.

    1. Wow is all I have to say. You spent all that time talking about your business degree and then I read your post and it’s painful to say the least. I cannot imagine you RAN the arcade, I bet you sold tokens to all the boys and girls who came in. If your typing is any proof of your intelligence, your arcade must have failed miserably.

    1. Sorry I just saw in facts that I get a promo code if I buy another game. I thought promo codes where for cheats like 1,000000000 Cash or something.
      Well plz add that to up date if you can ^_^

  6. Played the hell out of this game today on XBLIG. It’s incredibly and I’m telling everyone I can about it. Already got you guys at least a handful of purchases off of friends of mine. Keep up the great work!

  7. Bought the game yesterday. very fun and addicting. However I lost when the loan was due. How could you ever buy any machines and save enough to pay the loan after two years? Also have machines showing up (glitch) that i didnt buy and cant move delete etc. Needs a little bit of work but good for a indie game

    1. My son has been playing this a lot. He has 20 machines one employe and has over $30000 in cash to spend. He owns all the machines and has done all of the upgrades. You just have to make sure you budget the money and keep new games comming in to keep the stars up.

  8. Yea my sons playing it also and was able to pull it off. Im still having the machine issue though. Machines from my sons game are showing up in my arcade but you cant do anything with them. I just have to leave the game and come back and they are gone. Again, a very addictive game. Maybe the most fun ive had with a indie.

  9. If the game is half as entertaining as some of these comments then I’ll be stoked. I just heard about the game and it sounds like it’s the sim game I never knew I wanted more than anything. Going to go buy it now, thanks guys!

  10. Just got your game based on article from Joystiq. Absolutely love it! I’ve been dieing for a simulation game, and this just happened to hit my gaming nerve, as well as the yearning for some nostalgia!
    I only have 3 suggestions:
    1) the tutorial seemed a smidgen lacking…I could not figure out for the life of me how to raise prices of games or difficulty to ever really get anything out of the games.
    2) Could you have the screens flicker or slideshow images instead of being stagnant?

    Well, tore myself away from the game too long already, thanks again for the great game!

    1. lol, woops forgot 3, and 3), was gonna say have customers walking around maybe all roller coaster tycoon style…but after thinking about it, that would look really weird with the flow of time and all…maybe at least for the best gamers and salesmen? Instead of just RIPPING us away from gameplay for them?

  11. The game is to hard. I have play many games and my best was end january 1982 then bankrupt.
    Update, please for little bit easier this game.

    Thanks for release this funny game.

    @ All User
    Tips from me.
    First month buy all 3 arcademachinenes and playmoney to 0,50 $.
    Buy Musicbox an set to 1,00 $.
    When you have little money change artwork from the room.
    Highsore player comes from time to time. That good, lets playing and when finished the Highscore change the machine to 1,00 $ and level hard. Money comes fast (5-10 Days 500 $ machine is full money)
    From time to time comes a people to will buy a old machiene. Thats great price and you cell.

    I hope any other people gives tips.


    (Sorry my bad english. I am from germany)

  12. @ firebase
    from time to time when i go exit the game to dashboad i have error code 4

    I play the game, i maexit to mainmenue and look options or so. I dont know what i have make and then exit to dashboard gives error code 4

  13. Ok, sorry. I post the game is to hard. Its not to hard.
    you must find the best kombinations of machienes, design….
    At this time my Date is middle1983. I have 30 Machienes and 100,000.00 $ 🙂
    My problem in old games was i dont know the people to damage machiene can klick and set out of my Arcadehouse 😉

  14. Firebase – Purchased the game today and sat down to play for a couple minutes. Before I knew it I had played for 2 hours. It’s been a while since I’ve been captivated by any games lately. Great concept. Please keep up the great work… and add PINBALL MACHINES!

  15. Like what I see so far. Had the game crash to a “game has stopped unexpectedly” error a few times and judging by what I’ve seen on other sites I’m not the first one to have this happen. Hope this gets worked on. Other than that this is quite fun, especially for 3 bucks.

    Would like to see some more control over the “jukebox plays your music” option rather than just having it pick a song off your hard drive at random. Playlist selection would be optimal and (probably) the easiest solution.

    Definitely recommending this to others.

  16. Firebase’s ARCADECRAFT is a very enjoyable sim. After a couple of miserable attempts at running a virtual arcade (I would crash and burn every time the bank loan came due – $13,500 in January ’82), I was finally able to complete the game after reading a couple of tips. I ended my simulated-entrepreneurship with 30 arcade games, and over $170,000 in cash. Here are some of the things I did to run a successful arcade:

    1.) January 1980: Purchased 1 Arcade Game (Difficulty: Med/Prices set: $.25)

    2.) January 1980: Purchased 1 Juke Box (Price set: $1.00)

    3.) January 1980: Purchased 1 Soda Machine (Price set: $1.00)

    4.) Yellow Stars Appear on Floor: Move any arcade game over the square and set game difficulty at HIGH, and prices at $.50. When the yellow star panel disappears, return all settings to MED/$.25

    5.) Whenever a “Game Playing Champion” enters the store, his chances of beating a game’s HIGH SCORE are greater if the game difficulty is set to LOW before he begins to play. HINT: He will nearly ALWAYS play the newest arcade game. If he beats the HIGH SCORE, immediately set the difficulty to HIGH and the game price at $1.00. This should rake-in a lot of money for several days. When the gaming frenzy is over, return all settings to MED/$.25
    NOTE: Thanks to a couple of previous posters for briefly mentioning some of these tips.

    Kudos to FIrebase for a fun mini-sim. Here are some “possible” ideas for an expansion:

    New arcade games, maybe a couple different employees to hire, maybe a “contractor” who can repair broken games, a snack machine (candy bars, potato chips, etc.), maybe the ability to stock and sell console games systems, and maybe the ability to purchase a new store after reaching 150k or 200k.

    I have absolutely NO IDEA how easy/hard any of these things would be to add. They’re simply “ideas” to do whatever you want with.

    Thanks for a great indie experience.

    1. I’m enjoying the game so far, but I’d like to see the following:

      1. Screens that move. Even if it’s only a three frame animated gif style deal, I’d like to see some animation on the screen.

      2. Being able to see the machine’s genre after you’ve purchased it. I can’t for the life of me find any such option once I’ve bought a machine.

      3. Have custom soundtracks. I’d like to be able to have my own soundtrack options on the Jukebox.

      4. When this hits the PC, have the option to create your own arcade machines, skins at the very least.

      1. 1. We could do the screens that move but the labour is pretty crazy. For 4 frames x 80 machines is 320 pieces of pixel art. If we ever do a sequel it would be great to have.

        2. You are right. It was an oversight.

        3. Yeah we would love to be able to do this. Have to look into it.

        4. Would be very nice to have that!

  17. Hi, is Highscorelist cheating or bug? The game isstart jan 1980 and end dec 1986. Last look at the Highscore place 2, year 1980? Is that a cheat or what is this?

  18. I think it would be nice to have some sort of warehouse to store games that way you do not have to sell your games to buy new ones. This way you could bring back old games after they are no longer sold and gives you a way to rotate stock. This would also give you a chance to buy more then one of a game and when a collector comes to buy a game you can sell it to him and then pull one from your warehouse and still have the game.

      1. That more of what I was thinking about. Make it so the games in storage do not count as a plugged in game. If you can have 30 games in the arcade you should be ablr to have 30 games in storage.

  19. Since updates depend of how well the does. How good has the sales gone so far? I have seen something the talked about the first day being the biggest. Did you guys sell what you wante, needed or thought you would.

  20. I found this game a few days ago, and downloaded the demo, and played this game, like a man posessed, it’s very interesting to me, and I have no idea why NO one has done this idea before, I downloaded the full game tonight, and have played it a few times, I have gotten as far as 82′ but i failed to pay off the loan, This is a great game, and hope to see more, I am not so much bothered by the fast you can’t play the games, I take it as it is, a arcade simulation, I hope to seeing more updates, hopefully on a regular basis Arcadecraft4life!

  21. Got enough MSP to pick this game up a couple of days ago and I have to say.. WOW.. great job.. It doesn’t feel Indie at all.. But I gotta ask.. Where are the Pinball machines? You can’t have an arcade without pinball. This seriously should be your next update pronto! I’d like to see a bit more variety when you first open the place too and I think offering a couple of pinball machines as well the arcades you get when you start would be a great way to fix it.. also.. a sandbox mode like someone mentioned earlier where you’re not worrying about time and can just play for fun instead of simulation.

  22. Finally found something to rip me away from Avatar Farm Online and had a blast with his last night. I racked up 50k and 30 machines by 1985, the machines were filling up so fast I couldn’t empty them fast enough. I built a cabinet a few years back and have been collecting flyers and artwork since then as well, and was stoked to see your versions of all the games come in every month. My five-year-old is playing right now, and absolutely destroying my arcade, it should be fun to put everything back. Here’s to hoping you get some upgrades in and keep this one going!

  23. Great game already ,but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to offer my thoughts on things.

    1) Being able to pick an amount to borrow in the beginning would allow players to, in a way, set an initial difficulty. Also, allow them to pay the loan before is due.

    2) Another employee that could repair machine or one that could remove angry gamers would be very helpful.

    3) Maybe mini games for repairs, instead of playable machines.

    4) Some kind of metagame or vending machine involving tickets that avatars exchange for “prizes” that you have to refill.

    Thanks for your time and an awesome game.

  24. Even though I never cared for playing them Love testers, and Strongman games…I do feel they should be represented. In the future add like Arcade promotions like extra tokens for players that lay high scores down, or a ticket/rewards system to bring in my customers would be unique additions (avatar rewards maybe? I don’t know if Indie Games have access to them). Or how about different flooring design like space battle themed or action-rpg themed?Or maybe some cardboard cutouts for decorations? That would be fun! This game can be something truly phenomenal sorry for all of the input,but this games future excites me greatly! I am going to wait until the March updates and bug fixs for unexpected game crashes comes out to purchase it, but I will guarantee you a purchase. I am especially excited to see future updates and continued support if you guys keep doing well!

  25. Bought the game and it only went up to Dec 1986 and said the game is finished. lol. If you guys can expand so you can buy new locations, more machines then 30, more employees and keep the driving games past 1984 that would be great. I finished 138th on the highscore list but i bought all the extras, (All Floors, pilars etc). If you guys can make more into this game i’d pay 800 points for a complete one. I bought your other game too and I cant seem to figure out how to get that cabinet in this game.

  26. The game is really fun, and a great idea. I have noticed that some of the machines, despite the price you set for play, only move up a quarter at a time when played. Still, doesn’t effect the gameplay, which is honestly really great.

    A bit more information would be nice here on your site; maybe a couple of tips and/or tricks for those having a rough start. In the beginning, some things are locked and there’s no explanation as to how/when/why they’ll unlock.

    Still, keep up the excellent work. Hope it does well enough to warrant a bit of expansion!

  27. Played the demo 3x and was hooked. Downloaded it and have not been disappointed. I look forward to any updates and the progression of this game. Thanks for a great game guys!

  28. I am very interested in this game and would love to purchase it but there is one thing holding me back from doing so. After you go through all of the years in this game can you keep playing? If not do you intend on implementing an endless mode where we can just play as long as we want?

  29. I don’t appear to be getting an answer on your Steam Greenlight page, so I’m going to try here:

    Seeing as the game is taking so long to get greenlit on Steam, is there anywhere else that the game can be purchased in the meantime?

  30. i LOVE this game! my only complaint would be that it is too easy. after a short while your money is infinite, and there is nothing expensive to buy, and no more risks involved.

    Perhaps disasters you have to save up for, or a break in, or some other challenging content could be added. or maybe it just needs to be a little bit harder across the board- like the customers a bit more fickle.

    still, i’m hooked. it’s relaxing and fun and takes me back. incredible job!

  31. I just played this game and thought it was great. I work for WMS (the old Williams arcade machine company) and I agree that adding in some pinball machines would generate some great variety. I appreciate the nods you made to existing games and manufacturers. I hope to see more in the Phantom family lineup!

    The fact that you allowed for playing your own music off the jukebox was excellent. I already had a ton of 80s tunes downloaded on my 360 so it made for the perfect atmosphere in my arcade. Thanks so much for that!

    You have a great thing going here. So much you can add in future installments. Just letting you know I’ll be along for the ride.

  32. i think that you do not need to play on the machines i just think that it needs to be much more longer as soon as you pay off the det (13,500,00)on that month its amazing for a bit but needs more stuff to do on it like you can start to extend your business like buy more buildings and doing them up and start at like 1980 and finish in like 2013 i hope you listen to me because ive bought it an i loved it but now im bored of it i hope you bring out a update soon 🙂

  33. Just bought the Arcadecraft game on 360. Such a fun, fun game. Seemed a bit hard to make a steady income and then keep the money level going higher, especially when the Lunar Lander game became a home released game. I am definitely waiting for the PC release tho.

    A couple suggestions for the PC version, if it happens, as well:

    Definitely what one poster mentioned, make it so the arcade storage room could hold 30 games, but make the arcade able to hold 60 arcade games max (if this is the only arcade space planned on being used) or other buildings you can purchase later on, that give you more space.

    Agreeing with another poster, should add in pinball tables also.

    The loan, being paid off in 2 years is a bit early. You really don’t make much from the arcade machines, and once you have purchased several games along with the jukebox and soda machine, making any kind of decent money just feels more difficult to achieve, so perhaps in the start of the game, the player could set a loan amount, or if it has to be a set loan amount, make the time to pay it off a bit longer than 2 years.

    With all that said, everything else is just fine. I like the arcade customizing options. Not too few options there, and while the arcade monitors do not animate, it definitely is NOT a setback to such a wonderful game like this.

    And just one more thing, how does this game get through Greenlight? Is there anything your fan base can do with getting you through Greenlight?

  34. I’m really enjoying this game, but I have a couple of suggestions as well:
    1. I’d like a better way to measure the ongoing profitability of individual games. It’s nice and all to see how much money a game has earned in total since you installed it – but how about (when you drill into Details) a running tally on, say, average daily earnings for a given game?
    2. Would love it if the employee was a bit more proactive in collecting coins – and could also be assigned to boot up games after power-outages, refill the soda machines, and automatically repair games. Making players micromanage that stuff isn’t much fun.

  35. I just purchased Bad Caterpillar and got the cabinet for my arcade, along with Orbitron. It’s really cool that you’re doing this and I would likely buy any indie game that featured the same deal, even if it’s one of those massage-date-fart apps.

  36. I’m loving this game! Really my only complaint is that I want more! A bigger arcade, with more customization options. More arcade varieties, more vending machines, more employees, more stuff to do b/c the game gets way too easy. Other than that I can’t wait for a sequel!

  37. ‘Lo Fine Folks at FBI,

    I just purchased ArcadeCraft last night, and already I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it. I got a few minutes in, but I see plenty of hours spent on your awesome title.

    I just found this website today, and noticed that you had plans on adding additional content to this game. I was wondering how progress has been, and if you still plan on deploying this months as indicated.

    Thanks for your time. Looking forward to your response!


  38. Like the game so much on my xbox that I had to come on the website and say how much I enjoy the game.I worked at a real arcade for a few years as a youngin and this takes me back . Its Harvest Moon meets command and conquer meets dope wars (ti-86 graphing calculator game) . Keep making hits and give me a version for my galaxy s3.

  39. Really enjoying the game so far. It would be nice if I could check information about my machines just by highlighting them. That way I don’t have to lose my view of my whole arcade just to check the difficulty/price. a single button for the option to repair would be great too. Gets a little crazy when I got 5 machines to repair and I keep having to hit “X, A, Down, A” to get through the menus. Also, a deeper in game tutorial would be AMAZING. Hope you make it through your road map. It’s a great game with great potential too. I know the hard work it takes to create games and to create software in general. People don’t relize what they ask for sometimes, but that’s when you know they’re excited about what you’ve made!

  40. A couple requests for the next update. I’d like it if the game paused properly when event and text boxes pop up. When the end-of-month stuff pops up, it always seems to be when someone’s beating up a machine or a star spot has just appeared, and then I can’t get to those in time.

    I’d also like to pick what music to play on the jukebox. Really, I just want to set the thing to play “Separate Ways” by Journey forever 😀

    Loving the game, can’t wait to see what else goes into it.

  41. Loved the game! Got all sad though when I hit that end year :*( The game really needs some sort of way to extend though. Maybe a ‘Design’ mode where you can throw any machine around the place once you have finished?

    Or even a Gallery mode would do as an unlockable, getting to look at the various machines that you have bought through the game. Havent bought one of the machines though? Play through again and try and grab it that time 😀

  42. Still waiting for steam to green light this. Great idea for spin offs would be if you made some of the in game cabinets bonus content/easter eggs/or available on iOS & Droid. Hope to see more tie ins like the Bad Caterpillar cab!

  43. Amazing game…….I’m sure you know what needs to be added I just really hope that enough people get this game so that an update will be possible!

    My 5 requestes would be
    1.Different types of machines (pinball, coin drop, slots etc)
    2.Different locals for your arcade(s)
    3.Larger power grids for your arcade
    4.More staff hire (multiple coin collectors, security guards etc)
    5.Longer time period through to the modern day and the troubles of running an arcade through to that period. Could even go beyond the current day in a future update further down the line and maybe create futuristic arcades.

    I’d just like to add that if you are reading through these comments and trying to decide if you should purchase the game or not I would strongly recommend that you do make that purchase. The value is price point is pretty much giving it away and that will be evident as soon as you fire it up. Brilliant game.

  44. Picked this up the other day from XBOX arcade and I’m really loving it. The game kept me up way past my bedtime last night.

    I gotta co-sign on the nostalgia elements others have mentioned. The cabinets are lovingly rendered, the cacophony of beeps and blips brings back great memories, and even the angry machine-pounders are true to life.

    Someone else mentioned getting licenses to use the names and logos of the real-life games, but I don’t think that’s necessary at all. The parodies are clever and well-designed, and it’s pretty clear which ones correspond to their real-life counterparts.

    Great job guys. I’m looking forward to future updates and anything else you create.

    1. Unlikely as the rendering engine we use is still Xbox/PC centric. If Synapse Gaming continues to open it up to support other platforms, and we hope they do, we would be happy to port it over.

    1. Send us an email. We would love to help you out. Sounds like something in your arcade is expiring and it is throwing up an error. Without knowing what is in your arcade it is hard to track down. The date alone shouldn’t break anything.

  45. I don’t have the money right now, so who can tell me what the code is for the orbitron unlock (There is a code somewhere in the credits in orbitron to unlock the cabinet in arcadecraft)

  46. Just got the game from the arcade, really LOVE what I see here. The only real thing I would ask for adding in an update is better camera control it seems to stick a bit.

  47. I still wish you had kept onto Greenlight as opposed to pulling out since you can’t fail trying to get AC greenlit as long as you keep it there, well Steam Greenlight is likely to get closed down by Valve sometime in the near future anyway.

  48. They made some great games well into the 90’s – Especially pinball tables, light gun games, and 4 player multi. The potential here is endless. Figuring out the real game equivalents of the funny named mock ups is the stuff of legend.

  49. There’s a general consensus about wanting more employees, more games, and more years. In 1987 I was wishing there was a way to buy discontinued games, especially when money became less of an object.

    After you ‘beat’ it, it becomes a sandbox game. Hate to say it, but I’ll pay real quarters for the updates we’re all looking for. Bet you guys are already up wary of licensing issues.

    Thanks for a great game, looking forward to seeing more.

  50. I purchased the game right around release on XB, and just got back into it. Enjoyed the changes and addition of pinball. Thanks for your work on this guys – nice game for sure. I haven’t seen updates lately, but I hope things are still alive at Firebase HQ.

  51. What an amazing game. I haven’t played it in a few months and I came on here and found out about the updates. I’m gonna be playing this again. If You guys ever made a Full mainstream release of anything like this I would gladly pay £40 and I know a lot of my friends would too. I think I may have to buy Orbitron: Revolution now 🙂

  52. Why are all of the assistants Lisa? Why can’t you change or exit with ESC key until you’ve gone through the same routine every game? Why can’t you adjust the camera? Why ins’t there an option to extend the loan in the third year? The only reason I bought the ‘beta’ is because these type sims intrigue me but this is rough and 90’s ish. Why isn’t there a skill level (easy, hard Insane)? That’s it for now, just some thoughts.

  53. Been playing the humble bundle beta and loving it… work for a real arcade (Arcade Odyssey in Miami, I op and maintain pinball machines) and just like in real life I always end up bankrupt in the game! LOL

    one question though, I understand the “home version of x game came out” hurting (or almost zeroing out) a machines earnings (which is a bit of an exaggeration but ok), but a couple times I have been playing it the game will tell me a home version of a pinball machine has come out…

    sorry but this has never happened in any appreciable numbers to actually hurt arcade pinball earnings… there have been very, very few “home” versions of pinball machines… they really should be excluded from the “sorry but a home version has been released” thing… since it seems to be fairly random…

    anywho, love the game keep up the great work!!!


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