Arcadecraft Roadmap



Updated Feb 24th, 2014

Welcome to the Arcadecraft Roadmap page!

Here you will be able to see what we were planning for the future of the game!

First Large Content Update:

Date Planned: Mid March 2013 Delivery

  • 1980-1985 3-4 extra games added to back fill the game here and there. DONE
  • 1985 fully fleshed out with the empty months having machine releases. DONE
  • 1986 simulated including 12/13 new games to complete the year. Includes one new import and one new sitdown cabinet. DONE
  • 1-2 New Vending Machines. Snack Machine, Toy Crane, or Change Machine.
  • 1 new game manufacturer. DONE
  • A new employee or contractor to help fix broken machines.
  • A new cash based item to improve your games.
  • Renovations. Don’t like pillars? Pay to break them down!
  • Heatmapping the floor. Certain squares on the floor are naturally better to put machines on while others are worse.
  • Difficulty levels or difficulty tweaks. eg Genres only worth 1/4 a star instead of 1/2. Machine popularity lower to compensate for the heatmap. DONE
  • A mini randomization of what machines are available when. Shifting them up a few months so each game is slightly random and different. DONE
  • All new, larger location with new customization options. At least one tile strip larger in both directions. ON HOLD
  • New Power Box Upgrade for more machines. ON HOLD
  • Everyone’s Arcade Names appearing in the Global Scoreboard Screen.
  • “Milestones” or faux Achievements to be attained. DONE
  • Another Seasonal Item of some kind.
  • Exterior environment changes depending on the season and possibly the year.

Future Content Update(s):

  • 1987 – 1990 machines and content.
  • Laserdisc Machines.
  • Pinball Machines. DONE
  • Continue Based Games.
  • Mounted Lightgun Based Games.
  • 4 Player Simultaneous Games.
  • A No Time Limit Designer Mode.
  • Fog Density Customization
  • Poster Pack Customization
  • Deluxe Cabinet Games.
  • New Music. DONE
  • Furniture Purchases.
  • Car or Vanity purchases.
  • Secret Machine Sharing. Not all users get 100% of the available machines, they are missing a few so have to share the missing ones.
  • Billboard Advertising.
  • Game Competitions.
  • Multiple Save Slots.

As always, everything listed here is subject to change and is dependant on how popular the game continues to be!


44 thoughts on “Arcadecraft Roadmap

  1. I wish you could make it to where there’s a way to get machines that are not for sale anymore. I missed out on so many and now I’m on 1987 and need more.

  2. I am immensly enjoying this game so far! It brings back so many nostalgic memories of my brother and myself spending countless hours in arcades back in the mid 80’s. Keep up the good work, and please add pinball machines as soon as possible!

    1. They should let us name the people too and make the game almost never ending that would ge kool just keep making the games there awesome

  3. You guys did a really great job creating a very good game that leaves plenty of room for enhancements.

    Ehancement Recommendations:
    I would love the option to be able to take snapshots of avatar friends playing in my arcade and sending them a copy of the pic either through Xbox or the internet. Maybe as a cool feature you could add a way to advertise in the virtual world newspaper or make a t.v. ad or something to help gain more customers. Lastly please consider a possible option to trade game machines with other players or gift them to other players of the game. Something similar to the concept used to do the same in Viva Pinata.

    Again very good job on creating a great game. I wish you and your team continued success.

    P.S. I have spread the word to all my gaming community friends.


  4. Two of my childhood birthday parties were held at the local arcade in the mall before business hours. It was probably my favorite place in the world as a kid. What you have done so far has been amazing. I hope it stays popular enough that eventually you include going through the 1990s because there was some pretty cool stuff during that time (huge cabinets, 3-d graphic, etc)

    I’m really looking forward to the update in March.

  5. Really can’t wait for more. I’m already at 30 machines and I would love to have an enormous arcade. The game should really seek to fulfill an arcade fantasy. As in, I wish there was a giant arcade near me but there’s never been. It’s always been a fantasy of mine to visit a gigantic arcade. I’d love to make one.

  6. one thing bothers me, if you move an arcademachine to the storage, it still takes up one place on the power box, even when it is not in use, please fix this so you can put machines in storage and save them for later use.

    1. Please also make it so that the storage area is transparent. I play with it on the left, and I go fishing blind

      Please make hitting start pause the game

      Please consider for future addons the ability to make it into a Chuck E Cheese type place. Funhouse, ball room, rides, and later (in the late 90s) into a Dave and Busters.

      What about the tournaments and stuff I always see in the reports but never get the option to do?

      My biggest issue with the game is that now that I’ve figured it out, I’m pretty much on autopilot 18 months in. I’d love to be able to compete against my friend’s arcades. To steal the import exclusives on them, to send a kid from my arcade over to sabotage them (high dollar cost mind you, $20K at least).

      You have the start of an amazing game here, I hope to see it continue to expand like the stuff you have on the roadmap. Competitive multiplayer is key IMO though

  7. I am in the middle of my 3rd play through and am excited for the updates / DLC. During my 2nd play through it did crash so until the update comes I recommend saving it often. Good tip on the $1 thing on the soda & jukebox I figured that out on my 1st game in which I struggled but made it to the end. Two more hints I have are when a machine is new you can bump up the price to 50 cents for a short while and when a machine drops to 1 star it’s good to lower the difficulty to low and prolong the life of the game. In one case I have an original purchase that been in my arcade for almost the entire game at 2-3 stars since no home version came out for it. Oh and one more thing is put sequels next to each other to increase popularity. I even have 3 generations of 1 game together. Can you tell I love this game? Just 1 suggestion, it would be nice to be able to store games to bring back out later. Maybe you can rent a storage locker. And I sure could use another employee.

  8. Great game had a lot of fun, it would be nice to see some sort of storage facility though, that way you don’t have to sell games when they become unpopular just to have a collection

  9. Hi. Just wanted to thank you on a fantastic little game which seems destined to take up a lot of my time. I particularly love the sondscape which is built up with each new game, which brings back fond memories. Looking forward to additional content as I wish it went on for longer.

  10. Awesome game! I can’t wait to see what you will do to it in the future! I personally think there could be some improvements like a snack bar and a bit more interaction with the avatars. (Showing how much money they have and their mood) That would open up a lot more opportunity for more additions to the game like a change machine, tournaments, etc. Another possibility is actually being able to the building instead of leasing it after you have accumulated enough money. Buying the building would allow for some more things to be customized like pillars, where the cash counter is, etc. But all in al it is a great start to an amazing simulator game! Thank you very much for making it!

  11. You should let us change the name of each Arcade cabinet, at least the name in the shop and menus.

    For Example, change the name of Safari Danger to Duck Hunt, or Gorilla to Donkey Kong. It would be nice to know better the genre of the cabinet, with the original name of the game instead of yours (I appreciate your effort to rename the games but sometimes is confusing to know what games I must move to improve their popularity, for example).

  12. Excellent game! I’m having a blast playing it and learning all the cool features. Thanks to everyone in these comments sharing tips. I found the game to be pretty tough to keep up with but I’ve only played a couple games so far.

    I have a few suggestions as well (If some of these are already features I just haven’t found them yet:
    – PLEASE make an Android version (tough request but this would be amazing on a touch screen tablet!)
    – Keep a high score board and have tournaments – will help raise interest in games
    – If you’re looking at making the game last years into the future, give the possibility to make a “barcade” type classic arcade bar like many of the successful current day arcades.

    I also want to add my vote to the following suggestions:
    – Make a storage room to keep games in
    – Let us buy older games we missed in the past

    Thanks again for this! Please continue to share more tips.

    1. I have a few more suggestions after finally getting a long game going. I was up to the full 30 machines and made it to the end of 1983 before I stopped and saved.

      1. Ability to hire more than one employee. Hard to keep up with all the machines.
      2. Have an employee “level up” to being able to repair machines once they work for a certain amount of time (maybe a year to 18 months).
      3. When salesman comes to sell game but you have the max already, give a chance to sell a game before their offer goes away.
      4. Need the ability to add more than one soda machine.

      Also, how about putting together a full set of instructions at some point?



  13. I just wanted to say great job, guys! You have truly captured the arcade spirit with this game. Love the game and I’m looking forward to future additions!

  14. Quoted from:
    on February 24, 2013 at 8:51 AM said:

    3. When salesman comes to sell game but you have the max already, give a chance to sell a game before their offer goes away.

    HERE HERE. Very good suggestion!

  15. This has been the kind of game I’ve wanted for a very long time and I’m pleased to say that this game has very good potential but falls just short of being what some people may have wanted. I love the atmosphere of the game but I feel it lacks the 80’s vibe a bit when my Xbox Live friends pour in wearing their unfitting attire but that is more an issue with my friend’s choice of avatar gear, though it would be nice to limit or add “avatars” of your choosing. The game’s huge selection of cabinets is fantastic but it’s rather disappointing that space in your arcade is quite limited and you’re limited to just 30 out of the 80 machines as well. My first game went rather well for the first 2 years, but I managed to mass over $90,000 before the 4th year and it didn’t seem that I had to make hard decisions. After that, the game got far too easy and I felt the only reason I kept going wasn’t because I was having fun running and customizing my arcade, but I just wanted to see the next cabinet. The sounds make me reminisce about the old flea market arcade that I spent far too many quarters at, they really just pull you into the arcade scene. The inability to buy import machines if you have too many cabinets on your floor is a real drag. The only objects outside of arcade cabinets are a soda machine and a jukebox which is really disappointing as I wonder where the change machine is or a snack machine, which with soda and snacks there could be a litter mechanic added to the game. Those are just a few things with the game that could use just a little more touching up and there are a few more things I could go into about, but the developers have said they plan on adding more to the game, (Lack of Pinball machines, more objects outside of cabinets, ect) but only if it’s successful, which I think if it’s success you want then deliver the best Arcade Tycoon the first time without the initial baiting people in first. Overall, Arcadecraft is a great idea. It can be fun at first and at $3 its not a lot compared to other Xbox Live Arcade games, but the lack of difficulty, few objects outside of cabinets, and the few oversights make it so I can’t wholeheartedly suggest anyone to buy it until the developers add just a bit more to it.

  16. Since it is April 12th and since we never got a update I assume that this update was canceled?

    It is a shame if it was because this game is awesome.

      1. It’s been almost 3 weeks and no update. 😦

        I’m just as super stoked for it whenever it happens, though.

        (ps- unrelated, and i’m sure you’re already aware, your page description in Google is still that boneheaded first comment on your front page about the “mistakes” you’re “already making”. probably should put some text-based content above that or possibly just update your meta description on the page, i think?)

      2. It’s almost 3 weeks now, and no update on the update. 😦

        Not that I’m any less excited for whenever it happens! I know it’ll be worth the wait.

        (PS- I’m sure you’re already aware of this, but you should probably do something about this site’s description in Google. It’s still stuck on that boneheaded comment on the index page about the “mistakes” you’re “already making.” Some text above it or a good meta description should hopefully take care of that.)

  17. Very great game. Just have a question. Do you plan to keep adding to the amount of years you can run arcade?

  18. I am so ready to play this planned update. I must have played through 6 times already. I am curious as to why it sometimes keeps my Milestones and other times it resets them back to zero after completing 1986. I too would like to storage locker my games and not have my storage area take away from my total power. A second location would also be nice as I hate seeing just all stand up arcades by the end of the games. Also, all the late release 1985 games do pretty poorly which I don’t fully understand. I end up selling these games just to go get something that was popular before it’s completely discontinued by the manufacturer. Will you be releasing any additional codes for new cabinets? Also if you can’t make all this future stuff happen now I will be happy to fork up another $5 to get a true Sequel. So that way the simplistic gameplay of the original is not lost and my kids can start there rather than have it be so complex up front. After this update I’d recommend saving pinball and all the future plans for a true sequel.

  19. Additional comments:
    – Paying $1000 per year for seasonal display is ridiculous.
    – Power estimates are true for modern power consumption pricing and not 1980’s pricing.
    – It’s would be nice to get a 1 time freebie from the biggest manufacturer in the game early on to help make it.

  20. Guys, no need to start the game slow, immediately buy Space Rocks, Lunar Lander and Alien x2, plus a soda machine and set to $1 per soda. You can have all five down by the 3rd or 4th of the month and not only will you make enough for rent, you should have about $1,400 left over at the beginning of the next month and get your 6th machine by the 10th or so. It is very possible to have a 5-star arcade with 20 cab limit by October of 1980 if you Do the above and use the hotspots when they pop up.

    Also, you can keep up with all the cash coming in at 5 stars/30 machines if you drain your hottest cabs first and let your employee do his thing. Remember that when tons of cash is coming in and you’re struggling to keep up, that’s a good thing. You want coins coming in at that rate as much as possible.

    Getting a good jump on the game like that will mean making the loan is trivial…it’s possible to have $60k or more when the loan is due.

    Aside from speed and always making sure your arcade has 5 stars, the most important things are having a good cab setup and ALWAYS catch the little turds who wreck machines ASAP, before they can even scratch your cabs. Listening for the cab wreckers audio cue can save you a ton of cash and it’s critical early in the game when a $400 repair bill means the difference between getting a new cab that month or getting nothing.

    Good luck.

    1. Janglez311: The update should arrive by early August, according to a tweet from Firebase on their official Twitter account. From what I’ve read on their Twitter feed, Arcadecraft has sold really well through promotions and sales, and the devs say on this site that they’ll keep adding content if the game continues to make money.

      I really hope they’re on schedule and deliver by early August. I can’t wait to play the new, larger arcade with more customizations, and for all the new cabs that come with the update.

      Firebase: I will continue to support you guys and will gladly buy expansions or sequels as you continue to update Arcadecraft. From the ton of great feedback, it seems as if many other fans are committed to supporting the project as well. Good luck polishing the update.

    2. Firebase has tweeted over the last few days saying the update is undergoing testing and they anticipate releasing it the first week of August. Tomorrow (Monday) starts the first full week of the month, so I’m hoping we finally get it. I’m really looking forward to the new cabs, the pinball machines and the chance to break my old record with some new game strategies. Come on Firebase, give us Christmas in August! 🙂

  21. So is the update all together cancelled or is there still work being done? Just want to know if there is going to be more to this game or if its as is at this point..

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