Arcadecraft FAQ

March 18, 2014

This FAQ has been UPDATED to reflect the version of the game that is initially available for purchase. In addition to the removal of certain original features and a slight cutback in scope we have included new features that were previously not specced to go into the game.

What is Arcadecraft about?

Arcadecraft is a realtime strategy Arcade economics simulator. Starting in January of 1980 the player is given the task to run a sustainable arcade. To accomplish this goal they have to purchase arcade games from the various fictional manufacturers and place them within their retail space so that they can earn money. The more money the machines make, the more games you can buy!

What kind of Arcade machines does Arcadecraft contain?

The games in Arcadecraft are broken down into a variety of categories. These categories and their combinations give the player an indication of the popularity and possible income each machine may bring in.

Controls: Joystick, Roller, Wheel, Buttons, Flippers.

Players: One, Two, Two player Simultaneous.

Gametype : Raster, Vector, Mechanical.

Cabinets: Standup, Cocktail, Sitdown, Import, Pinbal.

Genres: Shooter, Action, Platformer, Sports, Racing, Puzzle, Maze, Fighting, Pinball.

How many games will be available in Arcadecraft?

There are over 100 games available to purchase from the in game store.

Can I play these games?

No. Arcadecraft is about running and making money from a virtual arcade. It is also hard enough to make one good game, let alone 80. šŸ™‚

But I want to play 100 games!


After I buy and place an Arcade Machine what happens?

As in real life, Arcade machines will grow in popularity, level off, and then decline over time. Machines will also need to be repaired and maintained if they break down. The player must empty machines of their quarters in order for them to continue bringing in revenue. You may also change the price per play and difficulty of any game on the floor. Be careful though as too many hard or expensive games in your arcade may reflect negatively on your business.

The game is designed to keep the player touching, manipulating, managing, and moving their machines.

How many Arcade Machines can I have on the floor of the Arcade at once?

You can have up to 30 active machines on the floor.

Can I buy multiples of the same machine?


Are Pinball machines a possibility?

YES! They were added in Content Update 2 on Xbox 360 and are in the PC version by default.

What about Japanese cabinets?

YES! There areĀ 7 Japanese cabinets that are available to buy via the Japanese import salesman. Make sure you have enough money on hand during the months when he may appear.

What other things can I buy from the Store?

We currently have a Jukebox and a Pop Machine. These items are essentially evergreen and improve the base popularity of your arcade. They both function differently than regular arcade machines and require a different set of maintenance.

A Jukebox! Does that mean I can play music fromĀ my Xbox hard drive on it?

Yes! On the PC version it should use tracks in your Music folder.

How is time handled in Arcadecraft?

The game is currently based around 1980-1990. In the trailers you can see the sun is moving, casting light and shadow into the arcade. Each two and a half minute “Day” of sunlight is really a month of game time. This means that the 7 years that Arcadecraft tracks, lasts about 3.5 real hours plus time spent in the user interface. Yes, the Day/Month thing seems strange but it is the most visual way of showing time progress.

What sorts of major events occur to the business in Arcadecraft?

Characters appear offering services that you may choose to accept or decline. Blackouts may occur requiring the player to restart all of their games manually. Home versions of games in your arcade will be released, hurting that machines popularity. Seasonal shifts with also improve your business. The biggest singular hit is the game industry crash of 1984. Other events are in the planning stages.

What customization options are there for the arcade space?

You can color customize the pillars, walls, desk graphics, and floors. You can also buy colored Neon packs to decorate your space.

Other customize options include seasonal decorations such as Pumpkins and Christmas Trees.

What makes a popular arcade?

A popular arcade is based around a number of factors. Typically it comes down to having a variety of new, functional games, in various genres within an up to date, appealing arcade.

How many environments are there in Arcadecraft? The trailer makes it look like there is only one!

Currently there is only the one. However, we do want there to be at least one more. It takes a good amount of effort to create an environment for Arcadecraft because we have to allow the user to do the color and material customization on it.

The new location will be slightly larger, and a little trickier to place the machines in. It takes about a month and a half to build one of these spaces and may be made available in a future update to the game.

When the new location is integrated how will the mechanic work to move to the new space?

It will probably get unlocked as you near filling your current space. If you can afford the cost of moving, and the lease, you should be able to just move. The details will come when we have beaten the space together.

Will my Xbox friends appear in my arcade?

Yes! Unfortunately the PC version doesn’t use Avatars so other predefined characters are used.

Are you planning on updating Arcadecraft after release?

YES! The amount of updates is tied directly to how well the game sells. This goes for the PC version as well.

What sorts of things would you update after the fact?

Besides the already mentioned extra location(s), we would love to add in more arcade machines and more customization features. We would also like to extend the length of the game by fully simulating 1986-1987.

We already have enough ideas to work on this game for a very long time. We will draft up a feature Roadmap closer to release so there is some idea as to what you are investing in when you buy the game.

What are some tech details of Arcadecraft?

Arcadecraft runs on XNA 4.0 and uses the Sunburn Engine by Synapse Gaming.

How long has the game been in development for?

Arcadecraft was officially started on March 1st, 2012.

How many people are working on it?

Just the two founders of Firebase Industries, Matthew Leigh and Sam Sheth. The in game animations were provided by Shane Welbourn for the Xbox 360 version and Mark Wong for the PC version. Sound effects were done by Studio X Labs. PC character are have been supplied by Fred Dee. We also have had fantastic help and support from around the internet. Primarily Barkers Crest, Phillipe Da Silva, Andy Dunn, Synapse Gaming and loads of other XNA developers around the globe.

When will Arcadecraft be released?

It is out on Xbox 360 and on PC and a Beta!

Is this an Xbox Live Arcade game or an Xbox Live Indie Game?

On Xbox 360 it is an Xbox Live Indie game.

What is the benefit of being on Xbox Live Indie Games?

It is going to cost you less money and if it proves popular the game will see free content updates! Which we did 3 times!

I hear there is a PC version, can you tell me about it?

YES! There is a PC version! It runs in variable resolutions up to 1080p. It is completely playable and uses all of the same assets as the Xbox version does. It also runs at a higher framerate depending on the hardware.

It runs on Games for Windows Live doesn’t it?

Nope. It runs as its own executable and currently doesn’t require or use any kind of service.

Then why isn’t there a PC version releasing at the same time as the Xbox version?

As we don’t have access to the Xbox Live Avatars on PC, the gameĀ is completely characterless. – Not Anymore!

Adding original characters to the PC version is going to take time and money. We would also need to do a character editor so players can customize their likeness. To achieve this goal we will probably have to do a Kickstarter or other mechanic to cover the costs. Details of this are really up in the air right now. – We paid for them out of our own pockets!

A real PC release would bring certain visual upgrades over the Xbox version such as more detailed textures, cabinets, effects and lighting! – It did!

What would the controls be like on PC?

Arcadecraft does support keyboard, mouse, and controller. The game UI was originally designedĀ toĀ accomodate touch.

This game looks like it would be perfect for mobile!

Yes it would.

Arcadecraft looks great, how can I support the development of Arcadecraft right now?

Currently the best way to financially support Arcadecraft and FirebaseĀ is to buy Arcadecraft on Xbox 360 or on PC!


Other than that you can take to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, various game forums, etc and kindly ask people to take a look at the trailer for the game and raise awareness of it.

Can I Follow you on Twitter?

Yes, @FirebaseIND is the Firebase Industries Twitter account. It is written and maintained by Firebase Founder, Matthew Leigh. It also contains opinions on a variety of things game development related as well as news tidbits. It isn’t a faceless corporate twitter account run by a robot.

We have set up a Facebook page for Firebase. It is here…

Is there something you are not telling us?

Yes. Lots! Play the game and try out all kinds of things. You may be surprised how many game design features and mechanics are in there!

I would love to have an Orbitron: Revoution arcade cabinet in my Arcadecraft arcade. How do I get one?

Buy Orbitron: Revolution on Xbox Live Indie Games and navigate to the Credits Screen. There should be a code in there that you can input into Arcadecraft to unlock it! On PC it will probably get unlocked after you have completed a full play through of the game.


15 thoughts on “Arcadecraft FAQ

  1. Brilliant idea. Played the demo and bought it. Sitting on the cusp of 1984 right now. I wondered if the digital dark age would roll out. Hope you keep updating… There’s a couple of bugs (code 4’s) and improper case to title displays. [Trivial] Great game!!! Kinda nostalgic.

  2. Fun game guys! Had a blast playing last night!

    I was rolling in quarters by 1983 but the game crashed with an error 4. The game is super fast paced at that point. I wanted to examine each new machine as I bought them but the game doesn’t seem to pause when you view their details and I kept getting unruly customers smashing up machines in the background. Being able to control how fast time passes would be nice, but I guess that would mess up the quarter collecting game mechanic.

    Looking forward to playing more and any future updates !

  3. Game is awesome and if that Game room thing that i bought a few years ago was like this, plus playing the machines it would have been great. You should finish this game, sell it for 800 points, then make cheap playable games like arkanoid, space invaders, and other clones and sell the playable cabinets for 80 points each. So much potential for this game. Funny how it took this long for someone to make a simulator like this. ET for atari was a big part of the video game crash.

  4. I just got this game and have been playing for hooooooooooours! I love it! I’ve downloaded lots of indie games and nearly all of them are just meh – this gem is worlds better! You absolutely should try for a full XBox Live Arcade release! I’m really looking forward to any and every update. This will be a game that I will keep installed forever. Gotta run – keep up the great work!

    1. Depends where you were on the timeline, what was happening in the arcade, and what were you doing when it crashed. You may have to restart if it is always happening in the same place. Please give us as much info as you can about what is happening before it crashes and where in the game you are.

  5. I purchased the game today with some money I had left over in my XBL account. I gotta say, even though it may take me a few tries to get the gist of the game, I am totally loving it. Also, if it hasn’t been mentioned before, the video game industry crash was in 1983, not 1984.

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