Arcadecraft Content Update 2 Available

We are happy to report that Content Update 2 for Arcadecraft is now available!

Included in this update is:

New Content:

  • 4 New Pinball Machines!
  • 10 New Standup Cabinets. Many of them 2 player simultaneous.
  • 1 New Import Cabinet.
  • 1 New Sitdown Cockpit Machine.
  • 1986 now has machines available in it.
  • Dec 1987 is now the final month.
  • New audio added for the selector and pinball machines.


  • Machine Genres are now worth less popularity.
  • Pinball is a new Genre, and available in year 1 to rebalance the above point.
  • Release dates for a given year are now no longer static. 1980 machines remain 1980 machines but the month of release is now randomized. So every play through is different and unique.
  • The employee Rick Pennywise, now works faster and will empty machines at a lower threshold.
  • The storage room now acts like a proper storage room. Machines in storage do not count as machines on the arcade floor. So the upper limit of machines in your arcade is now 34.

Not in this Update

  • The new environment is not in this update. The reason is that there is currently performance/framerate issues with having 44 machines available on screen at once. It is pointless to ship the new space if it only offers the same machine limits as the current space.

On the current Xbox Marketplace we are aware that the cover art is not up to date. Hopefully it can be fixed soon so if you still see the old cover after you have done the update don’t worry about it.

We hope you have fun playing the game with the new content! If you have any issues, concerns, or comments, please email us! Thank you for your support!


6 thoughts on “Arcadecraft Content Update 2 Available

  1. Awesome. I love this game – Spending the cash on the Sunburn Engine really makes your titles stand out, and what your artists do in it with the arcade cabinets is remarkable. Plus, Pinball is my fave 🙂 I hope you continue to sell and update the game even more! 90’s machines with synthesized speech and gun cabinets would be awesome.Stay away from the dance mats though 😉

  2. Are you going to be making another update that will add the environment or are you not going to do that?

    What about a sequel?

    1. We are just about to put a new content update into Peer Review. However this update does not include the new environment either.

      The problem is that the framerate would go into the low 20s with 46 machines in the environment. We are pushing the 360 pretty hard in the game. That said, we have been working hard to try to make it happen and in doing so made the regular game smoother. We hold 30fps up until around 26 machines now where before it was 21 or 22.

      A sequel is in the planning stages but there is more Arcadecraft 1 still to come. If the sequel shows expect it to be a next gen game.

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