Moving Forward

We are moving forward with Content Update 2!

This content update should bring the new, larger arcade into the game! With a bigger space to play in we plan to allow the player to have another 10 machines in their arcade which means that we will be offering another power upgrade to purchase. It also means adding color and material customization options for the new space.

We are also looking at feedback from the community, and as a result we are looking at getting the storage room functioning differently, so machines in storage do not take up space in your arcade. It also seems many players are finding the game too easy so we are going to look at the balance in the popularity of given machine genres.

In addition we are possibly adding a new machine type and another year to the simulation, which means another 12 machines including an import machine as well.

The original Roadmap has about 2 months worth of work in it and we don’t think you want to wait that long for new content. Instead we will be doing about 1/2 of it and trying to get content to you sooner. We will update the Roadmap page in the next few days as we get more clarity on our completion dates.

We are also happy to announce that Xbox Live Indie Game, Bad Caterpillar is in the current version of Arcadecraft. If you have bought Bad Caterpillar already it should give you access to a code for use in Arcadecraft to unlock the cabinet! If you haven’t bought it, go check it out as it is a fun modern retro throwback to the era that Arcadecraft takes place in!

Just like Orbitron: Revolution, the Bad Caterpillar cabinet is able to be deployed anywhere in the timeline for a good income boost!

As a reminder, if you are intersted in Arcadecraft on PC the Greenlight Page needs a lot of love!

Thank you for supporting Arcadecraft and please continue spreading the good word about the game!




4 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. How about a way to let us hardcore fans of the game know when there is a new update available. I’ve been waiting on pins and needles for it come out but do to life AFK and away from Gaming Console for that matter I had no idea the update was available. So this morning I booted up the game just to check and was pleased to see it was out. Then came here to check on when this came out and noticed its been out for a few weeks…… to all this maybe I could sign up to get an email letting me know when the next one is available?

    I thinks its great that you are taking the fans suggestions and running with them with updates. Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. More machines and space means more cash. New environment? Great! Hope it ties in as a reward for finishing or with achievements. Just Awesome.
    Suggestions; Alter the main menu : Arcadecraft and menu UI shifted so player arcade name better seen(currently partial hidden) Also, the neon choice changing this text(name) color would be nice.
    Too easy? If that were true, I’d have more 2 Million neighbors on the leaderboard.
    Settings for machines? I think if Avatar comments were not always red/negative on high or expensive settings(regardless if it is correct) it would shift players in the right direction.
    More seasonal options.

    Still a great game. New update has provided a crash free game.
    Good Stuff.

  3. That is great news all around! I’ll be sure to put a greenlight vote in as soon as I get home (but please don’t forget us mac users! I know, we suck, but I don’t have a pc :P).

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