Content Update 1

Content Update 1 for Arcadecraft has gone live!

This update includes:

  • 6 new arcade cabinets
  • 1 new arcade cabinet manufacturer, “Load”
  • 2 new music tracks in the Jukebox.
  • Jukebox fixed so it properly cycles music.
  • 16  8-bit ambient jingles for the arcade machines
  • A new animation when you kick out the Angry Gamer
  • 1 New wall customization colour (purple)
  • 1 new pillar customization colour (purple)
  • Controls on the isometric angles changed/improved.
  • New props and artwork surrounding the Arcade.
  • Neon changed slightly to be more glassy and visable.
  • Hot Square now flashes and makes a sound as it is about to disappear.
  • Support for 5000 scores on the scoreboard.
  • Scoreboard now has your current date and current gross in addition to your best Gross.
  • Alex Hoarder Code 4 sales bug is fixed we think.
  • Alex Hoarder will now not try to buy the same game off you over and over.
  • French region Code 4 Stats bug fix.
  • A “Classic Medal” UI element in the top hud when you have a “Classic” machine selected
  • Alex Hoarder
  • Tweaked payouts depending on machine settings.
  • Start button cash drain exploit fixed.
  • Fade to white changed to black when viewing machine info.
  • 6 new “Milestones” (Faux Acheivements) to try to get.
  • Polar Diver fixed to look like a proper Camping Machine.
  • Various bug fixes and art improvements

We highly recommend you only get the update if you want to start a brand new playthrough of the game. Please contact us if you notice any strange behaviour in the game!



7 thoughts on “Content Update 1

    1. This update was designed more to patch the bugs and crashes that people were having than it was to add new material. We are now working on the next content update that should add the extra year and much more.

  1. Knew what was coming, and the update is great! More stable,extra cabs, neon looks better. Getting rid of the constant flash of white was a good call. The shake/cam rumble of placing a cab down is a bit annoying though. Great stuff, hope things keep going well!

  2. Was hoping for a more significant update in the way of content as your “roadmap” suggested. but maybe I’ll give it a shot. By the way, in what time frame can we see a more significant update?

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