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Before we head into the weekend we thought we should update players on where things are at with Arcadecraft. We have added all of the small proposed features of the mini update that we discussed a few posts back. In addition we are adding in the “Current Gross” Field back into the scoreboard so the “Date” field makes more sense.

We are now simply testing and balancing the game, hoping to deliver a crash free experience. Ideally the update will enter Peer Review on Tuesday.

We are happy to show you a small teaser of a few of the new machines. Here are 3 of the 6 we have added. There is a new Manufacturer called Load which has two new games. One of their games, Dojo Duel, adds the fighting game genre a lot earlier than before. Camping has added 2 new games with Forti and Neutral getting 1 each.


There is a larger feature that we have implemented but are hoping to save for when we deliver the update to you!


6 thoughts on “Now Loading

  1. I’m hoping for the “creative-type” arcade experience, although I’m sure that will be saved for later. Also I think it would be cool to have a couple trackball games or something else intresting in the way of arcade cabs.

  2. I CANNOT WAIT for the update! I love the game. I’d definitely pay for more updates in the future. I NEED to see this game become what its meant to be!

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