Keeping Score

While we are writing this there are now 1431 scores on the Arcadecraft Scoreboard! It has been steadily increasing since the game went live at around 215 new scores per day. It is really great that so many people have been playing the game and enjoying it.

There are also some pretty amazing numbers up on the board, with Random Fires being the first to $1,000,000! It also seems a good deal of players on the board are also in the high six figure range which is pretty awesome to see! It more or less proves that many people really understand the game mechanics.

However, there have been a few people confused or concerned when it comes to how the scoreboard is represented, and we don’t really blame them.

As crazy as it sounds it took us a while to nail down what we wanted to do with this tracking system and in the end we probably settled on a design that didn’t really work and got a bit worse when we took out one of the more important features.

What the current design is:

The Gamertag of the player, the date of their CURRENT game, and then their best total gross in a single playthrough.

This creates confusion as it seems as though a player in May, 1981 has $500,000. That simply isn’t the case.

What the design was meant to be:

The Gamertag of the player, The name of their arcade, the date of their current game, and their best total gross.

As we approached the end of version 1.0 of the game we got concerned that the swear filter wasn’t strong enough and there were ways a person could be clever (or obvious) and get around it, so we hid the arcade names which kind of broke how the date works in terms of design.

If you were tracking a good player and they had “Hamster Arcade” and made $500,000 by the end of the game, and then you saw that they changed the arcade name to “Laser Arcade” and were currently on Feb of 1982, you would mentally know that they opened up a new space and were going again.

Since the arcade name got dropped the confusion got worse, even though it probably still would have been confusing anyway. We needed to keep the date active as well otherwise all of the dates would simply represent the end date of the game, and then no one would know if that player had restarted their playthrough.

What the design really should be:

The Gamertag, The name of their arcade, the date of their current game, their current gross, and their best total gross.

That way you could see if a player had a chance of beating their best total gross in their current playthrough.

Now there isn’t enough room on the current board for all of that info, but there is if we drop the column where the arcade names would have resided, and we may do that sooner rather than later.


One thought on “Keeping Score

  1. Dropping the arcade name in favor of best run sounds like a great idea. You don’t have to worry about the filter, and the leader board makes more sense. Win win.
    If the ranking was based on best run, instead of accumulated cash, it’d make the lead board more competitive for newer players. Best run in favor of multiple runs. Anyone has a shot providing more interest.
    Btw- I think currently if you code out, the score doesn’t add in the end.

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