Post Launch Systems

The Good News!:

After its release on Xbox Live Indie Games, Arcadecraft has put more than 1000 scores up on its high score board in less than 5 days! It has also bested the previous 14 months of scores from our previous game, Orbitron: Revolution in less than 4 days! We have also been getting very positive reviews from a number of outlets who have run coverage of the game as well as receiving many fantastic emails from a number of users.

The Bad News!:

While the game seems to be selling well and word of mouth has been incredibly good we have received word from a few dozen people that they have been encountering Code 4 crash errors!

We take this sort of thing very seriously here at Firebase as we want our customers to have the best experience we can offer. As a company of only two people building a game with so many complex systems interacting with each other, as well as a variety of edge cases and eventualities that the player *could* encounter, it has proven to be a very difficult game to test thoroughly. Even the multiple App Hub Playtests and Peer Review sessions didn’t catch what we have been hearing about.

We think that many of these issues are ones that appear when the user is doing something mechanical such as moving or manipulating a machine while the Angry Gamer is beating on a machine or while the Game Collector is trying to buy a game. Even combinations of these or any of the multiple events may be triggering these crashes. We think long play times are also effecting what is happening in the game. 3 – 4 solid hours of play may be tripping the game up.

This is our responsibility to fix! So far we have been personally responding to every email we have received to try to get more information about what is being encountered. Thankfully, we have not heard of a single instance where gameplay save data was corrupted. At worst people have said that they have lost a couple of minutes of play time.

If you have seen or encountered a crash there is some information we would like to get from you:

  • Where are you located (Canada, US, France, etc)
  • What is the current date in the game?
  • Approximately how long have you been playing for?
  • What machines do you have?
  • How many machines do you have?
  • Is there any event currently playing such as Bobby Danger, Alex Hoarder, or other?
  • Do you currently own a seasonal item like Pumpkin or Christmas Tree?
  • Have you seen any messages that suggest you can’t buy a machine when you have the space and money for it?
  • Have you seen any strange things such as invisible Avatars, Machines, or your selector spontaneously changing?
  • Can you replicate the error consistently?

You may send this information to us via email at

We REALLY want to hear from you!

The Better News!:

The plan moving forward is that we are going to move headlong into an update to the game that will hopefully fix many of these errors you may have been getting, which is why we need a bit of your assistance.

We are hoping that much of this can be fixed within the next 7-8 days and then move the game back into Peer Review so the update can be passed back to you!

In addition to the fixes we are going to add a tiny bit of new content to the game to add value back into it, and hopefully make the wait a little less painful.

You should expect to see:

  • 6 or so new machines.
  • New audio jingles for each genre of game and some altered sound effects.
  • A fall animation for the Angry Gamer when you kick him/her out.
  • A new music track.
  • Better game performance.
  • Some miscellaneous art props.
  • Angry Gamer will not spawn during conversations or while in menus.
  • Controls on Isometric views to be fixed or altered.
  • Fix the Game Collector so he doesn’t always want your oldest machine.

This update is meant to be small, and completed fast, so we can get you playing Arcadecraft with confidence. A much larger content update is planned to be embarked upon later assuming the popularity of the game continues to increase.

Click the Roadmap to see possible upcoming features!


Thank you very much for your patience and support as we work toward bringing you a bigger and better Arcadecraft!

In the News!:


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