Multiple Contacts

Orbitron: Revolution has been getting some really great press from all over the internet!

Here are some of the stories we have found:

Game Informer – Orbitron: Revolution Now Available On Xbox Live Indie

Destructoid – Orbitron: Revolution is worth a look, Defender fans

DIY Gamer – Dream.Build.Play Finalist Orbitron: Revolution is Now Available, Also Gorgeous

Indie Games – Dream Build Play Semi-Finalist Orbitron: Revolution Launches For Xbox 360

Kotaku – This Indie Xbox Shooter is Pretty (and Cheap!)

Otaku Dante’s Gaming Inferno – Orbitron Revolution (XBLIG): “A Shmup That Should Have Been An XBLA Title”

Orbitron: Revolution is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace!

If you have found a news story you think we haven’t seen please contact us!


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