Server Operational

The Xbox 360 that runs the Highscore boards is operational! However, last night it was left off for about 12 hours by accident! This means that some people who played the game between 10:00pm to 10:00am Pacific time would not have been able to share scores or have only gotten a piece of what someone else had if they were running the game at the time.

We would prefer players get the most from the game, so if you have Xbox Live Gold and are missing the high score data, please start the game up and go to the Main Menu. You should synch to whatever scores the server currently has on it as well as share your own, automatically! You can tell it is working as you will see Sending or Receiving Scores messages appearing just below the High Score panels.

Your Ratings of the game on Xbox Live are very imporant to us and to the success of the game. If you have purchased the game, please give it a rating on the Indie Game Marketplace or!

If you have yet to purchase the game, here is a link directly to the marketplace on

Click Here to Buy!

Thank you very much and we hope you are enjoying playing Orbitron: Revolution!


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