Arcadecraft 62% Off On Steam Summer Sale!

That’s right! Arcadecraft is on the Steam Summer Sale for 62% off its regular price. That means that it is only $4.93 USD a copy!

Now is an awesome time to get the PC version of Arcadecraft at an incredibly low price!

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Arcadecraft Now Available on Steam!

Arcadecraft has been uploaded to Steam and is now available to purchase and play! It is also on sale at 25% off the new regular price of $12.99usd for a limited time.

Arcadecraft is also no longer in Early Access! All 17 character models have been completed and have been added into the game. To sweeten the deal we also put higher resolution textures on the arcade machine cabinets and on the customizable rear wall of the arcade. Perfect for players running it at 1080p.

Steam Keys will shortly be supplied to those who have already bought the game through either the Humble Widget or Humble Store.

Get your copy of Arcadecraft on Steam!


Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the game!

New Arcadecraft Build Available!

The latest build of Arcadecraft for PC is available for download through Humble!

Here is the changelist for the new build!

  • – STARTUP CRASH FIX –  European language and number systems now supported.
  • – UPDATE – All the numbers that get displayed as text now conform to the user’s current language
  • – UPDATE -The Beta now has added an extra simulation year of gameplay. It now finishes at the end of 1985.
  • – UPDATE – Four new character models have been added. Steven Quarters, Rick Pennywise, Alex Hoarder, and Bobby Danger.
  • – UPDATE – Portraits for the new characters have been added.
  • – BUG FIX – Bobby Danger was able to occupy 2 machines at the same time
  • – UPDATE – Enhanced the mouse cursor visibility with the menus – if the user is navigating menus with the keyboard, we don’t show the cursor.  this fixes issues where the mouse would select menu items even though we were using the keyboard.
  • – FIX – Upgraded sunburn in order to apply a change to help fix machines appearing and disappearing issue
  • – FIX – the player wasn’t always able to pick up the angry gamer avatar if there was another avatar near him.
  • – UPDATE – for the machine’s info screen, we’ve replaced the machine’s popularity info with its genre since that info was missing. the machine’s popularity is at the top of the screen anyway so need to show it again.

Thank you for your support so far and for reporting issues you have been having with the game! If you find a problem with the game and want to report it you may email us at

Don’t forger to vote for Arcadecraft on Steam Greenlight!

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Check back for more information and Beta improvements!



Keeping Score

While we are writing this there are now 1431 scores on the Arcadecraft Scoreboard! It has been steadily increasing since the game went live at around 215 new scores per day. It is really great that so many people have been playing the game and enjoying it.

There are also some pretty amazing numbers up on the board, with Random Fires being the first to $1,000,000! It also seems a good deal of players on the board are also in the high six figure range which is pretty awesome to see! It more or less proves that many people really understand the game mechanics.

However, there have been a few people confused or concerned when it comes to how the scoreboard is represented, and we don’t really blame them.

As crazy as it sounds it took us a while to nail down what we wanted to do with this tracking system and in the end we probably settled on a design that didn’t really work and got a bit worse when we took out one of the more important features.

What the current design is:

The Gamertag of the player, the date of their CURRENT game, and then their best total gross in a single playthrough.

This creates confusion as it seems as though a player in May, 1981 has $500,000. That simply isn’t the case.

What the design was meant to be:

The Gamertag of the player, The name of their arcade, the date of their current game, and their best total gross.

As we approached the end of version 1.0 of the game we got concerned that the swear filter wasn’t strong enough and there were ways a person could be clever (or obvious) and get around it, so we hid the arcade names which kind of broke how the date works in terms of design.

If you were tracking a good player and they had “Hamster Arcade” and made $500,000 by the end of the game, and then you saw that they changed the arcade name to “Laser Arcade” and were currently on Feb of 1982, you would mentally know that they opened up a new space and were going again.

Since the arcade name got dropped the confusion got worse, even though it probably still would have been confusing anyway. We needed to keep the date active as well otherwise all of the dates would simply represent the end date of the game, and then no one would know if that player had restarted their playthrough.

What the design really should be:

The Gamertag, The name of their arcade, the date of their current game, their current gross, and their best total gross.

That way you could see if a player had a chance of beating their best total gross in their current playthrough.

Now there isn’t enough room on the current board for all of that info, but there is if we drop the column where the arcade names would have resided, and we may do that sooner rather than later.

Boot Up Sequence

We thought that we should give people an update on how things are shaping up on Arcadecraft!

Arcadecraft was put into Peer Review about two weeks ago on the Microsoft App Hub. It was sitting at 91% through the process after about 5 days of being available for App Hub members to test out. During this time, one reviewer found a problem in how the game handles memory (it runs out). The issue discovered was quite rare, and only reveals itself after around 3 straight hours of play.

In a bit of a panic we went looking to see what was causing the problem with the game that we thought we had previously solved a few posts back about optimizing our artwork. Turns out that the way we went about handling our assets caused an incredible memory bloat. Once it was known we did an 18 hour or so mad rush of work where we were able to solve the memory problem completely! In fact it solved it so well that there is now room left over for a good 30 or so more machines in the game, that we can add if/when we do an update! The savings were also so great that the overall game smoothness has been improved and we were able to load certain higher res textures back into the game!

However, as it was unknown what would happen if the original build hit 100% in Peer Review and we had the updated fix available in the meantime we decided to pull the previous build from Peer Review. This caused a full week penalty from being able to submit the game to Peer Review again! We did this simply because this new build is the far better experience than the older one and we would much rather you play something that isn’t going to fail on you.

Well, the week long penalty is over and Arcadecraft has once again returned to Peer Review! If it is able to pass through the process by Monday or Tuesday you may be playing the Xbox 360 version of the game as early as the 31st of January! We certainly hope this is the case and if so you can expect a press release, new media, an updated FAQ, roadmap, price, and a game to play!

In other news, last weekend (Jan 19th) Firebase Industries attended the Vancouver Film School Game Design Expo. At the event we had a table set up with the latest build of Arcadecraft as well as Orbitron: Revolution! A great time was had and we talked to a good number of people about our games and recieved some fantastic feedback!


Arcadecraft Cover Art

This is what you should see appear on Xbox Live Indie Games in the near future!


We are in the final stages of playtesting and moving into Peer Review within a few days. All being well Arcadecraft should become available soon!

Thank you for following development of the game! It has been a little over 10 months since we started and can’t wait to get the game in your hands!

Arcadecraft in Playtesting

Arcadecraft for Xbox 360 has entered the Playtesting phase on the AppHub site for XNA members! We are already getting all kinds of really good feeback about the game and how the design goals are being communicated to the players.

Some content is still being added to the game as well to help reinforce certain game mechanics and completely flesh out the visuals. Studio X is once again supporting us with in game audio and much of it has been integrated so far. We recently modified the camera so that it can pitch up and down, getting you closer to the action! Everything is coming together really well and we can’t wait to get the game in your hands!

Thank you for your interest and support of Arcadecraft!


Here are some new cabinets that have been added recently!