PC Media Storm

All new screenshots of the PC version running at 1080p. The PC version supports variable resolutions from 1280×720 and up to 1920×1200. Players can use either the keyboard controls or Xbox controller for PC. The UI and HUD have all been created for display in 1920×1080 so there shouldn’t be any ugly upscaling issues when running in full HD. On our hardware at Firebase we achieve 60fps and the game has been rewritten to accomodate this framerate which is up from the Xbox 360’s 30fps.

We really wanted to give PC gamers a excellent version of the game and not a straight conversion of the Xbox 360 version. I think we have achieved something that the PC audience will really enjoy!

We hope to talk about digital distribution partners very soon. Until then, if there is a service you want to see it on please contact them and ask for Orbitron: Revolution by name.

Here are the new screens from yesterday’s build of the game!

Check back again for more screens and art!

14 thoughts on “PC Media Storm

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  6. Please don’t forget about us 30″ 2560×1600 monitor gamers (even if it means that the HUD/Menu 2D graphics just get upscaled) :)

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